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The video of Tiktok user Hanna Burton shooting the mother deer and her cub was highly appreciated by the users. The mother deer and her cub accompany the family, who has a good time with nature.

The video of her expressing herself when your baby started crying outside and you almost had to throw a mother deer down has been viewed more than 20 million times.

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Mom deer comes hurrying to beware of crying infant kid

Parenthood knew no limits when a mom deer came running free and clear in Ohio subsequent to hearing an infant human child crying.

Hanna Burton and her child, Charlie, were outside on their deck doing a stomach time practice when the 5-week-old began to object.

Hanna was recording at that point, and you see her solace Charlie, “It’s alright.” Just as she says that, a deer comes running free and clear into their yard.


When you almost have to throw down with a momma deer because your baby starts crying outside

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“This is my child,” Hanna tells the deer as she gazes towards the deck. “This present one’s my child. It’s not yours. Hey, mom.”

“She believes that is no joke,” Hanna tells Charlie as she skips him.

Hanna presented the video on her TikTok on Friday, and it has since gotten in excess of 20 million perspectives, 5.1 million preferences, and 31,000 remarks.

The top remark on the video jokes, “She was prepared to name that child Tarzan and raise it as her own.”

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