Mom of Ronaldo Nazario’s son aims to get his virginity back

The mother of Ronaldo Nazario’s son undergoes hymen surgery to regain her virginity, She thinks she can be a virgin like a young girl now.

Michel Umezu explained the reason behind the surgery on social media and surprised her fans.

Michel Umezu, the mother of one of Ronaldo Nazario’s boys, stated on social media that she had a hymenoplasty to reclaim her virginity.

The Brazilian bodybuilder, who has a son with the ex-footballer, claims she underwent the treatment to get married in a church in accordance with her faith.

Ronaldo and Umezu had a child, Alexander Robert, subsequent to meeting during Genuine Madrid’s preseason visit through Japan in 2004.

The two didn’t didn’t begin a relationship or get hitched following the undertaking, with Ronaldo denying he was the dad until going through a DNA test in 2010.

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“I only want to have sex after I get married in church,” she said. “I am not ashamed to say that because it is what I really want”.

The current Real Valladolid president hasn’t commented on the matter, which Umezu announced via a brave post on her Instagram account, where she shared a screenshot and her reaction to it: “My body, my rules.”

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