Mohak Narang: A Creator Who’s Acing Social Media Platforms With His Talent

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These days, we see a lot of scope in the digital arena. Content creation in itself is a full-time career that is gaining a lot of momentum every single day. These extremely talented and diverse creators have become our daily source of entertainment and we love them for their epic content. Speaking, of dynamic creators, Mohak Narang is one of them! He is an Indian creator and YouTuber who’s been intriguing us through his unique, creative, and funny videos. Popularly known as TikTok’s superstar he has won the hearts of all his fans in no time. Here’s e everything you need to know about him.

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Mohak, a talented boy from a small-town called Hisar found social media quite attractive. At a very young age, he started creating digital content. Today, he strikes a perfect balance between his studies and his passion for entertaining others. He started off his journey as an outstanding TikToker who garnered immense love from his fans and eventually became one of the youngest creators to cross 14.2 million followers until the app was banned. Nevertheless, his hopes and passion did not die instead he focused and ventured out to other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Currently, he has a huge fan following and we are sure that all #Mohakfam members are super proud of him.

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Mohak chose the path of content creation when the social media craze was not at its peak. Even though it was challenging initially he never looked back and always worked hard. Bann of  TikTok really made it tough for our superstar. But, as we said Mohak was very motivated and therefore started engaging with his fans on his Instagram and YouTube channel. Tbh, his videos are a mix of everything, and we enjoy watching it on loop. Today, Mohak is a superhero who was has garnered so much love and support from his #Mohakfam. He has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and 58 million collective views on his YouTube channel all within an year, isn’t that amazing? We are totally hooked to his fun and entertaining content and can’t wait to see what more he has in store for us.
I started content creation at a very young age because I always loved the idea of social media and how other digital content creators out there generate different ideas.  Honestly, I’ve always been that ‘funny’ guy in my friend’s group who always loved to make people laugh. Initially, it was TikTok that gave me a platform to express myself and explore more as a digital creator, not just that but my internet family gave me immense love irrespective of the platform, and for that, I’m very grateful.
After I started creating content, I wanted to study too and didn’t want my education to suffer. I always believed that education is highly crucial for the youth. So, now I can proudly say that I have been able to strike a good balance between the two!
At the beginning of my career, my father had very sternly advised me to always treat those who support me with love and respect. Today, I feel extremely blessed to have such a huge family online and offline. They keep me grounded and always support me to balance my education and career at the same time.

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Lastly, Mohak is an outstanding creator who has achieved amazing milestones within an year itself! His unique and entertaining content has blown our minds and we can’t get enough of his acting skills. We are so proud of him for balancing his passion and studies and wish him all the best for the future. Keep thinking out-of-the-box, stay focussed and consistent with your content. If you haven’t checked his YouTube channel yet, then click here to take a look at it right now!
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