Modeling Agency NN MODELS Company Grows in Popularity

Founded by Nana Khan, a fashion designer from Uzbekistan, “NN MODELS” has managed to grow as a company over the past few years.

NN MODELS, which works for world-renowned magazines and provides professional training to many models, has become one of the model agencies that has managed to grow in recent years.

Modeling Agency NN MODELS Company Grows in Popularity

What are NN MODELS?

To summarize, NN MODELS is known as the modeling agency. However, she became a modeling agency that managed to increase her net worth by doing important work for many world-famous models and magazines with a large clientele.

NN MODELS is an international modeling Agency founded in 2016 by a professional model with 15 years of experience, Nana Khan, who is also a top fashion photographer in Uzbekistan.

The Agency cooperates with such magazines as: VOGUE, HARPER’s BAZAR, MILK, ELLE, THE MAG, Women’s Health, Cosmo Beauty, Female Magazine, L’officiel, Grazia and so on. The Agency’s models are the faces of famous brands DISEL , KIKO , PUPA , RalphRusso , Pinko , Cerrutti 1881 , Zalora , LaneCrawford , Disel , PhilipePlein , Ermanno Scervino , CHANEL, COACH, Lacoste,  Samsung, WELLA, LANE CRAWFORD, JIMMY CHOO, PONDS, Shiseido, Wacoal, Sogo and others. Agency models are the faces of many well-known brands and magazines.

NN MODELS has long-term relationships with key agencies, casting Directors, photographers and top clients in the fashion world. Our Agency is one of the strongest parent agencies in Uzbekistan. As a parent Agency, we closely monitor every step in the career of our models, being ready to help them, as well as our partner agencies in case of any complications. For each model, our highly professional team creates an individual, unique way to develop your career. The Agency is focused exclusively on long-term career development of models at the international level.

NANA HAN MODELING SCHOOL is a model school project from NN MODELS that creates international-level models and has a powerful teaching staff. The project provides basic modeling skills and an understanding of the subtleties of the profession. There are adult and children’s groups.

How to Become a Model?

The answer to the question “Can anyone be a model” actually forms the basis of all other questions. As in every other profession, there are certain criteria to be a model. That’s why not everyone can be a model.

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What are the Requirements for Being a Model?

  • Having ideal physical dimensions,
  • Being smiling and positive
  • Having received modeling training,
  • To be able to carry clothes and accessories with great skill,
  • Being disciplined and hardworking
  • Being talented in many subjects
  • Participating in competitions and agencies,
  • Adapting to choreographies,

Requirements for Male Models

The modeling profession, which women showed great interest and demand in the past, has now entered the close circle of men. For this reason, men make an effort to fit their body structures to the desired criteria. In order to become a model, it is necessary to get a lot of training and be registered with agencies. Requirements to be a male model;

  • Men must be a minimum of 1.80 meters tall.
  • Height and weight should be balanced.
  • Body structure and shoulders should be broad.
  • The leg length should be long and the shape should be at the ideal level.
  • Must have the ability to pose.
  • Must be at a high level in walking and posture.

Requirements for Female Models

Many women have to meet certain criteria in order to be able to do the modeling profession, which they think is among the professions that they dream of and where they can show themselves best. In order to become a model, women must register with certain agencies and receive the necessary training. Many sectors such as cosmetics, textiles, care and jewelry target women. What criteria must be met in order to be a sought-after and popular model?

  • Women should have a physique with ideal measurements.
  • It must be at least 1.70 tall.
  • The leg length should be long and the shape should be at the ideal level.
  • Must be highly successful in posture and gait.
  • The hips should be narrow and the waist should have a thin structure.
  • Breasts should be small and shapely.
  • Must have the ability to pose.

What Should Be Done When Decided to Become a Model?

A good model should be able to show itself in the best way both on the podium and in front of the lenses and should be successful. For this, it is very important to get modeling training. Modeling requires a great deal of dedication and discipline.

  • It is necessary to make career planning at an early age and to take part in all trainings required for this profession.
  • The support of your family and friends will give you strength.
  • It is necessary to receive training from grace and modeling schools.
  • You should get their opinions and suggestions by meeting with people who do this profession.
  • You should research the working conditions.
  • You need to meet with important agencies that have made their name known in the sector.
  • You should learn your duties and be prepared for a disciplined life.
  • You should eat a healthy and balanced diet and pay attention to exercise.
  • You should contact the agency that will be most beneficial to you.
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