Model Rosemond Brown sentenced to prison

In Ghana, the mother of a child, female artist Rosemond Brown, took an outdoor photo with her son in June 2020 on the occasion of her son’s seventh birthday. An investigation was opened against Brown, who shared the photo on his social media account. The court sentenced the artist to 90 days in prison on the grounds that the photo was obscene and contained domestic violence.


The court considered the photo to be obscene and the mother’s taking and sharing the photo of the child without her child’s consent as domestic violence.

Model Rosemond Brown sentenced to prison 1

The American singer Cardi B reacted very strongly to the court decision. “Many Americans pose this way. I don’t think it’s sexual,” Cradi B said in a statement on his Twitter account.

Model Rosemond Brown sentenced to prison 3

The laws of Ghana consider the selling and sharing of obscene publications as a crime against public morality.