Model Paulina Porizkova dances naked

The video of model Paulina Porizkova dancing nude suddenly went viral. The famous model, who appeared in front of the cameras for the rehearsal, noticed the fun moments naked.

Paulina Porizkova is a model, actress and writer. Born in Czechoslovakia, he now holds dual American and Swedish citizenship. The fun dance video of the 56-year-old female model was liked by her followers and received many comments.

Paulina Porizkova keeps on being one of the banner ladies for body inspiration among ladies who are beyond 50 years old.

The dazzling model, 56, shared a video of herself on Monday wearing a coat with nothing under aside from a couple of dark clothing and a gold accessory for her LA Mag shoot.

In the clasp, the Czech magnificence seemed lighthearted while moving to the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive,” whipping her long, fair locks around. She wrote in the inscription, “Just put some Bee Gees on and I can’t resist the urge to move. Furthermore, for this situation, swaggering my stuff for @lamag.”

Porizkova shared that she had the option to feel “fun” and “loose” to some extent because of her female photographic artist Jill Greenberg.

Porizkova then, at that point said of her shoot’s soundtrack, “Incidentally, ‘remaining alive’ is by and large what we’re adequately lucky to do as we age. Carpe diem!”

Despite the fact that her body is age-challenging — Porizkova is as yet human — and when asked how her feet were doing while she bopped around the shoot in high impact points, she reacted, “They hurt!”

On Tuesday, the Sports Illustrated model gladly uncovered on her Instagram an unretouched adaptation of the photograph that was picked for her LA Mag cover.

She openly inscribed the bare pic, “No, I dont stroll along around looking this fab on an ordinary day. This look required two hours of expert make up and hair. What’s more, body cosmetics. What’s more, amazing lighting by a skilled picture taker. In any case, the outcome is me putting my best self forward with no modifying and no channels and no whatever else.”

Just put some Bee Gees on and I can’t help dancing. And in this case , strutting my stuff for @lamag . As you can see, this was a fun, relaxed shoot helmed by @jill.greenberg . It always helps to be photographed by a woman when you’re at you most vulnerable- whether physically or emotionally naked.😉#betweenjloandbettywhite #sexyhasnoexpirationdate #lovetheageyourin #graypride video by @jill.greenberg Ironically, “staying alive” is exactly what we’re fortunate enough to do as we age. Carpe diem!

She advised us, “I think we’ve taken huge steps in tolerating all various kinds of excellence; I think size and shading and these things that used to be so uniform currently have widened to a beautiful tremendous [degree] … But age, ageism, that is similar to the last outskirts.”

Regardless of showing a bright attitude on most days, Porizkova as of late shared a more weak second when she posted a crying selfie following her split from sweetheart Aaron Sorkin.

“I’m here on the grounds that I’m attempting to exorcize my disgrace,” she said of the photograph. “I post musings and feelings that I’m embarrassed about. I’m embarrassed that I’m am lamenting, sorrowful and pitiful. I’m embarrassed that I am penniless. I’m embarrassed that I’m maturing.”

The model finished up, “Sharing them is making them less disgraceful and consequently, I acquire acknowledgment of who I am. The bona fide me. Not the one I might want to sell you.”

Porizkova has straightforwardly managed much more disaster lately. She split in 2017 from her better half of almost 30 years, Cars lead vocalist Ric Ocasek, with whom she shared two children. The performer passed on two years after the fact at age 75.

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