Model Paris Hilton is on the agenda with her nude poses

Singer and Model Paris Hilton was on the agenda of America’s major news channels with her Event Poses Again.

Paris Hilton managed to fascinate her followers with her nude poses and proved that she still maintains her physique and beauty.

Paris Hilton is on the agenda with her nude poses 3 GMSPORS

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton shared topless.

Famous model Paris Hilton, who lived with Cristiano Ronaldo for a while, attracted attention with her topless sharing. Hilton, who made comments about her aging, almost defied the years. “I left because I didn’t find him good enough as a man,” Hilton said of Ronaldo.

Paris Hilton, who had a short relationship with the Portuguese star in the first period Ronaldo went to Real Madrid, destroyed the world with his last share. Hilton, who usually has business and fashion posts on Instagram, shared a very ambitious square this time. Hilton has challenged the years with her flawless body.

Paris Hilton is on the agenda with her nude poses 2 GMSPORS

Paris Hilton made very remarkable statements about her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. Hilton said, “Ronaldo is a mother’s lamb. I left because I wasn’t good enough as a man.”

Paris Whitney Hilton. American socioelite, singer, actress, model, fashion designer. Heir to the Hilton hotels. In addition to her family background, Doku-Soap first gained wider fame as one of two key roles in The Simple Life.

Paris Hilton will wear 10 wedding dresses at her wedding

Paris Hilton is on the agenda with her nude poses 1 GMSPORS

World-famous American star Paris Hilton said her wedding will last 3 days and she will wear 10 wedding dresses.

Paris Hilton, who is preparing to enter the world with her fiancee Carter Reum, was a guest on the program of American talk show host Jimmy Fallon.

Speaking about the wedding preparations on the program, Hilton said that she is not a difficult bride. Stating that the wedding will last 3 days with many events, Hilton announced that she will wear a total of 10 different wedding dresses in 3 days.

Hilton, who denied the allegations that she was pregnant, also admitted that she spent the most money on a purse to show off so far.

The documentary of Hilton’s wedding will also be shot and broadcast on the digital broadcasting platform Peacock. Hilton, who is currently on the agenda with a cooking show, said “yes” to the marriage proposal she received on February 17, on her 40th birthday.