Model Mahogany Geter sets an example to everyone with her courage

Model Mahogany Geter becomes an example person for everyone with her courage. Despite her illness, her courage and passion for modeling are the most important qualities of Mahogany.

Model Mahogany Geter, whose feet swell more and more every day because she was born with lymphedema, said that the trolls made fun of her because she told the trolls who told her to cut her feet that he was happy and that she would not cut her feet.

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She responds to those who make fun of her congenital illness with bold poses: I am happy this way

American Mahogany Geter was born with lymphedema (elephant disease). Lymphedema is a long-term condition in which excess fluid collects in the soft tissue of the body, causing swelling in a leg. 23-year-old Geter’s left leg therefore weighs 45 kilograms.

Critics of the young woman’s appearance mocked her, telling her to “cut off her leg and make her look better”. Those who described her as a ‘deformed person’ even compared her leg to a ‘ham roll’. However, she has learned to make peace with her own image and ignore those who make fun of her.

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Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the young woman said, “I’ve had my share of ignorant comments.

One person said my leg looked like bacon and a girl at school called me a deformed bitch.

“It was very difficult to deal with these cruel people, but I had no choice.”

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“I felt very weak for a long time, but as I grew up, with the support of the online lymphedema community and my mother, who was my inspiration, I realized how beautiful I was. Not only in looks, but as a human being …” said Geter, to be able to inspire other people in the same situation. She explained that she did her best to admit themselves and how beautiful they looked.

Explaining that the humiliation against her because of her appearance started in her childhood, the young woman said that this damaged her self-confidence, but over time she realized the beauty inside and outside.

Now a model, Geter does not hesitate to show her legs on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok platforms. The young woman stated that people who follow her online are kind and supportive.

Geter was diagnosed with lymphedema shortly after her birth, now her 42-year-old mother saw the difference in her left leg. Saying that there is currently no cure for her leg, Geter explained that only physiotherapy and lymph drainage massage can alleviate the swelling in her leg.

Geter, who weighs 133 kilograms, has 45 kilograms of left foot. Geter, the eldest of three sisters, said her mother was helpless when she was diagnosed.

“I later decided that it was given to me because I was emotionally strong and I could handle it,” Geter says. “Since then I have learned to accept and celebrate myself. I want to inspire other people to celebrate their differences. Now she has both inner and outer beauty.” I believe I am. I am proud of what my body can do. ”

Turning into a social media phenomenon, Geter now spends most of his time preparing content for his YouTube channel. The young woman said, “When I’m depressed, I take steps to feel good. I take a break from social media, listen to music, meditate and talk to my mother because she is my therapist.” “I feel like someone who lives a normal life despite having a hard time,” says Geter. “I try to be strong and focus on my dreams as a role model,” said Geter.

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