Model Jessica Leidolph attacked by leopards during photo shoot

Model Jessica Leidolph was attacked by leopards when she entered her cage for a photo shoot.

Jessica Leidolph, 36, a photomodel living in Germany, was attacked when she entered the leopard’s cage to shoot. The model, who received serious injuries, mostly on her head, is fighting for her life in the hospital.

Photomodel Jessica Leidolph, known for her love of fans, went to an animal care center in eastern Germany. The model, who entered the cage with wild animals used in the entertainment industry, was attacked by two leopards, Troy and Paris, during the photo shoot.

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Jessica Leidolph in intensive care

The 36-year-old model, who was attacked by leopards to tear it apart, was seriously injured in various parts of the body, mostly in the head area. The life-threatening condition of the model, which was rushed to the hospital, continues. Authorities launched an investigation after the horrific incident.

In the news shared by Bild, it was also stated that it is not yet clear why and by whom the photo shoot was done in the cage.

Jessica Leidolph was known as a model and was trying to stand out by shooting very unusual shots and is now fighting for her life.

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