Model Irina Shayk Shares Her Remarkable Poses Again

Irina Shayk fascinated her followers with her brave poses that make them say ‘No more’. Cover girl Irina received positive comments from her followers with her pose.

Famous model Irina Shayk, who lived with Cristiano Ronaldo for a while, was on the cover of a magazine. However, Shayk’s brave pose made even his followers say ‘no more’. Surprised, her followers left comments such as “Oh my God, no more” on the famous model’s post. Instagram, which previously censored Wanda Icardi, is highly likely to apply the same restriction to Irina Shayk, who does not slow down in bold posts.

Model irina shayk shares her remarkable poses again 1 gmspors

Irina Shayk has been very brave lately. Shayk, who has been in a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo for many years but did not end in marriage, maintains her place on the agenda with her brave shots. Shayk posed for High Style. However, her pose made her say ‘no more’.

This pose of Irina Shayk caused great surprise. The photo, in which Shayk threw her hand into her underwear, divided her followers into two. There were supporters and opponents. About 92 thousand people left likes on this photo in 1 hour.

Model irina shayk shares her remarkable poses again 2 gmspors

Irina Shayk or birth name Irina Şeyhlislamova is a Russian model of Tatar descent on her father’s side. She is known for her various modeling works since 2007.

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