Model Dina Saeva Poses With UFC Fighter Abduroziq

Model Dina Saeva shared with UFC Fighter Abduroziq on social media. Particularly, Dina’s cool air and her finishing looks were admired.

Dina Saeva and Abdurozik shared in Dubai. Tiktok phenomenon Abduroziq met with model Dina Saeva and shared very special posts to their fans on Instagram.

Dina Saeva Has Millions of Fans

The shares of Dina Saeva, who has more than 7.5 million fans on Instagram, provide interaction with the likes and comments from her fans.

TikTok star Dina Saeva broke up with Eldzhey’s brother Danil Uzenyuk.

For a long time, Saeva is one of the most popular bloggers on the Chinese social network. She even appeared as a guest star in the videos of western bloggers. However, last year the girl actually disappeared from the information field.

Later, it became known that the popular rapper LJ Danil moved to Dubai with her brother-boyfriend. However, they broke up after a relationship that lasted more than 6 months.

Did Dina Saeva act in a feature film?

The popular TikTok star appeared on the poster of the Young Man tape, which will be released on June 9.

It seems that the filmography of Dina Saeva has been replenished with a new film! The star announced her new project by posting the poster for the film “Young Man” by Ilya Naishuller on social networks.

The TikTok star recorded in the broadcast of the film director Ilya Naishuller, who directed such films as “Nobody”, “Hardcore”, “Execution”, “I’m Losing Weight”, “Marathon of Desires”. Dina’s company in The Young Man were Pavel Tabakov, Danila Kozlovsky, Danila Poperechny, Ingrid Olerinskaya, Valentina Lyapina, Rakhim Abramov (Rakhim). The cast looks pretty impressive, so we hope the picture will gain a lot of fans. He didn’t specify who exactly played Dina.

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