Model Bella Davis Explains What Joel Kinnaman Does

Joel Kinnaman raped Bella Davis and took over the allegations on social media. It became the hottest topic of the day after the big lawsuit between Joel Kinnaman and Bella Davis. Model Bella Davis talked about what her ex-boyfriend and lawyers did.

Joel Kinnaman, star of The Suicide Squad, has issued a restraining order for his ex-girlfriend who blackmailed him. Bella Davis began to seek the rights of this event after the rapid proliferation of the Internet and began to explain what the famous actor had done to her.

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What did The Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman do to Bella Davis?

Another incredible event managed to become the agenda in the United States. Female model Bella Davis accuses her ex-boyfriend of raping her.

Joel Kinnaman, the actor of The Suicide Squad, is in trouble with his ex. The 41-year-old actor announced in a post he shared on his Instagram account that he was blackmailed and therefore issued a suspension order for his ex.

Joel Kinnaman, the successful actor of Altered Carbon, Killing, Robocop, Hanna, The Informer and most recently The Suicide Squad: Suicide Squad, is in trouble with his ex.

The 41-year-old Swedish-American actor made a lengthy statement on his Instagram account on Friday, describing how he was blackmailed by his ex. Kinnaman also opened up about his relationship with Swedish-Jamaican model Bella Davis, whose real name is Gabriella Magnusso.

Bella Davis’ allegations with specific evidence

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She explained that they only met for two months in 2018 and they had a short romance during this time. Kinnaman claimed that the model wanted to meet in 2019 and 2020 and sent him explicit content and tried to contact her throughout the process.

The actor claimed that his manager had a meeting with Bella and her brother in the near future, hoping to resolve the issue, and that her brother pointed a rifle at his manager.

The 41-year-old Swedish-American actor asked his ex-girlfriend to make the necessary arrangements for an Instagram page with a blue click, $400,000 to buy an apartment, and a photo shoot with Sports Illustrated. According to the claims of the actor; If this did not fulfill their wishes, the model made threats to the press, saying that the actor raped her.

Joel Kinnaman said that he complied with his ex’s demands, but the situation became more frightening over time. The actress wrote: “Bella threatened to spread false information about me, including that I had sex with her against her will, unless I obeyed her demands.”

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Why did joelkinnaman agent pay for my lawyer and my lawyer refused to go with the deal they wanted. They wanted me to be silent But let the true come out…

BELLA DAVIS continues to share about the event on Instagram. The model, whose Instagram address is @iambelladavis, is in a very strong position to assert her rights against her ex-boyfriend.

I got a text from Bella Davis

Black model Bella Davis sent me an email with details of the incident. I would like to share the inside of this e-mail with you. I don’t care if it’s right or wrong, I just believe the offender should be punished.

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Hi this is Bella Davis Joel Kinnaman twisted the whole story and wanted to zoom call last week HE ASKED ME FOR IT! His agent called ME 

I go by the name Bella Davis and no other name thanks 

I secretly recorded when we zoomed where he admitted he was an asswhoke and he saw I was sad when he f*ck*d me twice 

He must have been on drugs as I never seen him like that and he was super scary I have so much evidence hence why he took down his post after I got over 4000 death threats but why don’t u mention that it’s a crime to out my name out like he did so people have my location so im in danger I been called hoe, nigger they gonna burn down my house and kill me thanks for Joel post this morning ! 

I guess u guys forgot metoomovemenr or BLACK LIVES MATTER! 

He have done so I can’t be around people I haven’t told my family until the last week when my brother contacted him and wanted an apology to our whole family 

So his agent even if I said no I don’t know if I’m ready to even see his face he said u should told me that I already drove 2 hours now so I let him come here and then I zoom with Joel and he apologized and we talked maybe for an hour but I cried all time and couldn’t breath so I’m the one that scared of him his agent even know that! 

So all the liras Joel made up without evidencehow dare u post me when he even deleted his pist ss he dont have any and I have all recordings sll proof ! He out my real name out whixh out me in danger so use ny artist name Bella Davis thanks ! I will see him in court he literally have destroyed my whole life but u I see no one mention that! His like 20 yesrs older white man doing this to a black Young girl how do u think that looks like?

U can see his agent offer me stuff to be silent and he even paid for me to get a lawyer I said to that lawyer if I don’t agreee I’m too scared what they gonna do ! 

And he made his agent Orlando John drive 8 hours for me to zoom with Joel Kinnaman as he wanted to apologise to my whole family

So my whole family zoom with joel in Orlandos car and he say he afraid lol? Just read beteende rhe lines pls in already a mess bevause of him not fair to not hear my story 

You can read the full details of the message conveyed by BELLA DAVIS above.

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