Model Alba Carrillo unmasked Olga Moreno on live broadcast

Enraged, Alba Carrillo unmasks Olga Moreno: “Why are things vetoed?” Alba Carrillo was very critical of Olga Moreno’s interview, which the results revealed revealed.

This is how Alba Carrillo reacted to the interview Olga Moreno gave last night at ‘Now, Olga’. The model was critical of the attitude of the wife of Antonio David Flores and according to her, she should have opened up a lot more on the channel for the former ‘Survivors 2021’ contestant. On ‘Ya es noon’, she did not hesitate to voice her opinion on what happened on the set of Carlos Sobera’s show, and once again brought up the veto rumors surrounding the interview, which confused many.

Model Alba Carrillo unmasked Olga Moreno on live broadcast 2 GMSPORS

Alba Carrillo responded to Marta López after Olga Moreno’s friend showed her face and attitude for her. The model assured that “there are vetoes” and “why are things vetoed?” She asked a question that brought up the question. If you’re ready to do this interview, why aren’t journalists allowed to speak freely? It is a suspicion that Antonio David Flores accused her wife of forbidding discussion of certain topics. Marta López, who was present in the interview at the time, told Alba that things were not vetoed and that the path the producer wanted to mark was a matter of course. However, Fonsi Nieto’s ex-girlfriend did not agree with this statement.

To reaffirm her position, Alba Carrillo said, “They even said the lawyer was in the next room, Marta, they told me. Let’s be honest, not how you want to paint it”. She also said that it’s not just a producer’s issue and Olga Moreno has a lot of work to do because she’s the one who signed the contract and probably on what terms she would put it. “She signs a contract where they put some conditions… She was very prepared because if it wasn’t, it would be an open faucet,” she said.

Model Alba Carrillo unmasked Olga Moreno on live broadcast 1 GMSPORS

Isabel Rábago also stayed in Alba Carrillo’s line. Another of those responsible for interviewing Olga Moreno stated that she had a lot to ask. “Olga has denials that can be substantiated by forensic documents, which we cannot cite and repeat. But this is not a veto, it is Antonio David who must answer. She was at a disadvantage, but she was interviewed with great respect,” she argued. Some of the words to which Alba reacted very sharply, “But did she sit down because you are a non-governmental organization? I just want to say that whoever does not punish evil commands it to be done”.