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Model JESS KING proves her popularity with more than 135 thousand followers on Instagram. JESS KING continues her modeling career on Instagram. Model JESS KING, who aims to increase her popularity, uses both her beauty and professional poses to attract new followers.

She has blonde hair, charming blue-gray eyes, and a beautiful, warm smile. Jess King from Melbourne, Australia impresses with a female figure and proves that size doesn’t matter. “My path to self-acceptance has been long and bumpy,” she honestly admits on her Instagram account.

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Jess King is a new model of beauty – teaching you how to love yourself

Jess King encourages a positive approach to her body. She does not complain about cracks and does not fight them. On the contrary. It prides and delights in how beautifully they shine in the sun.

Despite not being obese and leading a healthy lifestyle, it has been heard to promote obesity. Just because it looks what it looks like. “Health isn’t how much weight you lose or how often you train,” says Jess King. “Another thing that cannot be easily measured in a few numbers and cannot be judged by looking at a single photo from the internet,” she writes, adding that such people do not care about our health. “They’re just lame” – she concludes, and it is impossible to deny her right.

Jess King compared her figure to the famous photo of Kendall Jenner, which has taken the internet by storm recently. “If you don’t look like Kendall – it’s okay. If you look like her, it’s okay,” explains the model. “But it’s not fair to think that beauty is only in one dimension and that it can’t have many different varieties,” she adds.

Later in the article, Kendall explains that Jenner’s figure is the result of diet, education, time and money, as well as genetics over which we have no influence. Not everyone can look like him, even if they do the same. “We’re different, but that doesn’t mean someone is worse, uglier, or less valuable,” Jess King adds, reassuring us that we’re all great and the best in our own way.

“Sometimes I go for a run and other days I spend on the couch. It’s all about balance,” says the model.

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Jess King isn’t worried about her cellulite, but the orange peel keeps her awake at night. “For years, I walked out of the room with my back (so no one would notice my hips) and wore shorts to the beach. “I spent years thinking there was something wrong with me,” she says. She also explains that most women have cellulite and that is normal. Some people manage to hide it, for example, thanks to the appropriate pose or light. This is clearly seen in the photo below. There seems to be an orange peel on the left side of the leg and no cellulite on the right side.

Jess King also shared her thoughts on self-esteem and being single. “My biggest challenge was getting rid of the idea that I’m good enough only when I’m loved by a man,” she told fans. Jess King says, “I had to learn that I am important and wonderful in myself. I don’t have to wait for someone to love me. It’s more important to love and feel good about myself no matter the status of the relationship.”

The Australian explains that she no longer waits for someone to pick her up when going on a trip, for example. It takes itself. Instead of waiting for others, she learned to take care of herself, to love herself, to meet her needs. Thanks to this healthy approach, she is much happier and calmer. She has a good relationship with herself and even the most wonderful relationship cannot replace her.

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Jess points out that people often congratulate others on their weight loss. As if it were a very important achievement and a useful thing by definition. And this is not always the case. “There is always much more to lose weight and it is worth paying attention to” – refines and adds that no weight or figure will help if we do not love and accept each other deeply.

“I feel good about my body and my character, and I wouldn’t let anyone ruin it,” says Jess King. However, this was not always the case. The Australian openly writes that she once struggled with an eating disorder. “Each summer has filled me with a sense of great panic,” she writes, and admits that she takes various measures to lose weight: laxative teas, anti-cellulite creams, detoxifying drinks, questionable pills, and even obsessive exercise.

“No matter how much weight I lost, I still didn’t feel good and confident and I couldn’t love my body,” says Jess King. “I’m not going to simplify by saying love your body because it really isn’t that simple,” she explains, adding that it takes effort, courage and time.

Jess king, a model on Instagram with the username jessraeking, most of her earnings are provided by her popularity on social media.