Miss Universe Bahrain Evlin Khalifa, the new face of MUBA Cosmetics in the global pageant

Miss Universe Bahrain Evlin Khalifa is excited to be the new face of MUBA Cosmetics at the global pageant. MUBA Cosmetics is a Bahrain-based cosmetics brand that was founded in 2017 and carries a wide range of makeup and beauty products. As the brand’s official ambassador, Evlin will be representing MUBA Cosmetics at the Miss Universe pageant. She is thrilled to showcase the brand and its products to a global audience.

Evlin recently shared a statement on her Instagram page, expressing her gratitude and enthusiasm for the partnership. “I am so proud and excited to be the face of MUBA Cosmetics at the Miss Universe pageant,” she wrote. “I am honored to have been chosen to represent this amazing brand and their products. It is a great opportunity to show the world the beauty of Bahrain and MUBA’s quality products.”

Evlin and MUBA Cosmetics will be working closely together in the weeks leading up to the pageant to promote the brand and its products. This includes sharing MUBA’s products on her social media pages and attending special events.

With Evlin at the helm, MUBA Cosmetics is sure to be a favorite among pageant-goers at the Miss Universe competition. We wish them both the best of luck!

The profoundly expected 71st Miss Universe, coming full circle on Jan. 14 in New Orleans, US, will highlight very nearly 90 ladies from around the globe competing for the sought after title. The night will end with the 70th Miss Universe, Harnaaz Sandhu, who took the title back to India without precedent for 21 years, delegated her replacement.

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