Miss Earth Indonesia 2022 Champion Karina Fariza Basrewan

Karina Fariza Basrewan was officially declared Miss Earth Indonesia 2022 by Mahakarya Duta Pesona Indonesia on Friday, September 30th.

“I’m so immensely grateful for all the love and support; it’s still such a surreal feeling to be getting back at it but with your positive encouragement and unconditional solace, ain’t no mountain high, no river wide enough that we can’t overcome,” she wrote in a statement on social media.

“To my family and friends, my support system who’s been there since day one – I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you for believing in me, and cheering me on. I am blessed beyond measure,” she added.

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Karina Fariza Basrewan has been formally declared by Mahakarya Duta Pesona Indonesia as Miss Earth Indonesia 2022 on Friday, September 30.

The 26-year-old Ocean Today anchorperson, local area administrator and brand diplomat will address her country at Miss Earth 2022 in the Philippines this November.

For her support, Karina needs to advance the preservation of endemic creatures that are practically wiped out in Indonesia. Through Miss Earth, she desires to teach and spread attention to the worldwide local area about the significance of really focusing on and safeguarding the climate by decreasing carbon impressions in everyday exercises.

Furthermore, she needs to advance Indonesian culture and variety through her outfits on the worldwide stage.

Indonesia still can’t seem to win Miss Earth since joining the show in 2007. Monica Fransisca Antoinette Khonado, last year’s delegate sent by previous permit holder El John Exhibition, put in the Main 20.

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Karina Fariza Basrewan instagram account “gained thousands of fans in a short time”

After Karina Fariza Basrewan became Miss Earth Indonesia 2022 champion, people visited her Instagram account to take a closer look at her beauty.

While Karina Fariza Basrewan fascinated people with her beauty, she gained thousands of fans.

She is on Instagram with the username @karinabasrewan and has 50 thousand followers.

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