Miralem Pjanić is physically not what he used to be

The career of Miralem Pjanić, who plays for the most important teams in the world such as Juventus and Barcelona, ​​is on the decline.

Miralem Pjanic stood out as a midfielder with a high-level technique.

He was shown as one of the most valuable midfielders of the Seria A league during his time with Juventus.

Despite his physically advanced age, he managed to play football in the top leagues for a long time.

He last played for Beşiktaş team and returned to Barcelona again.

However, he could not continue his way with Barcelona and decided to continue his career in Sharjah FC team.

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Miralem Pjanic moves into the final years of his career

Born on April 2, 1990, Miralem Pjanic has now entered the last years of his career.

Pjanic, who has made successful works and made a name for himself with his performance, is now moving towards the years when he will end his career.

According to transfermarkt data, Pjanic became one of the rare football players who managed to reach 70 million Euros while playing for Juventus in his career.

He has won numerous trophies and individual awards.

Miralem Pjanić, nicknamed “The Pjanist”, is a Bosnian midfielder. Pjanić started his professional career at Metz, where he played one season. He transferred to Lyon in 2008 and played for this team for three seasons. He signed a contract with Roma in 2011.

The Italian adventure started with Rome and ended with Juventus.

He was shown as the midfielder’s mentor and made a name for himself with his incredible passes in many matches.

People think he has great gaming acumen.

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In Roma, he was named the best midfielder of Serie A. He signed for Juventus in 2016. Pjanić was named Serie A Team of the Year in the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons, while winning Serie A and Coppa Italia with Juventus.

He was also named to the UEFA Champions League Team of the Season for his contribution to the final of the 2016-17 UEFA Champions League season. Playing in the Luxembourg youth national team, Pjanić made his debut for Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2008. He played in more than 80 matches with this team and scored 13 goals. In the first major tournament; He competed with his team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

In 2015, he was ranked 55th in The Guardian’s list of the “100 best footballers in the world”.

Early Years

Pjanić was born on April 2, 1990 in Tuzla, which was then part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and now Bosnia and Herzegovina. His father’s name is Fahrudin and his mother’s name is Fatima.

He became interested in football through his father, a former third division football player in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia[8] and began his football career in Luxembourg after his family’s arrival in that country shortly before the outbreak of the Bosnian War. While in Luxembourg, Pjanić frequently attended training sessions and paired up with his father. At the age of seven, his father discovered that he had a talent and interest in football.

He later allowed his son to join FC Schifflange 95, one of the local clubs in Schifflange. While at Schifflange, Pjanić attracted the attention of some Belgian, Dutch and German clubs, but transferred to French team Metz in 2004. Pjanić was recommended to Metz by former Luxembourg international Guy Hellers.


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Pjanić announced on 29 June 2020 from Juventus that they have reached an agreement with Barcelona for €60 million plus bonuses of maximum €5 million, effective from the end of the 2019-20 season. The deal was also made in the trade of Arthur Melo, which Juventus signed for €72 million plus a maximum bonus of €10 million.

Pjanić signed a four-season contract with the Spanish team with a €400 million release clause until the end of the 2023-24 season.[67] He made his debut in La Liga on September 27 as a substitute in a 4-0 win against Villareal.

Barcelona didn’t have a story that went the way he wanted.

Due to his physical condition and advancing age, he remained a permanent substitute.

No matter how high his footballing ability was, his physical condition began to decline rapidly.

His performance was always questioned due to tiring training and his Spanish career did not last long.

He could end his career in a few years

Miralem Pjanić is thought to be ending his career in a few years.

Despite having a successful career, the chamber is now in its final years.

In these times when the football world is changing, it is not only necessary to have game intelligence, but also to have a fit physique.

Pjanic has always been someone to be admired for his performance over the years.

However, the years when Miralem Pjanić will quit football are near.

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