Millie Bobby Brown rebelled: I’m human too, don’t!

American actress Millie Bobby Brown, who gained fame with the series ‘Stranger Things’, was in tears about what she lived with a fan who attracted her, despite her disapproval, “I’m a human too, don’t do it!” she expressed his reaction.

16-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown, one of the brightest future stars of Hollywood, is in trouble with her fans. In a post on his Instagram account, Brown described an incident he had with his mother at the store she went to for Christmas shopping.

16 Because of the extreme attention and compulsion brought by the reputation that he produced and sent, a teenager said that he insisted on being rejected, filming a video of himself.

Millie Bobby Brown, British television and film actress

Millie Bobby Brown, who described the incident in tears, used the following statements:

We went shopping for Christmas with my mom. A girl came up and said, “Can I shoot your video?” she asked. I said “No”. Why would a person want their video taken? He just wanted to shoot me, not both of us. I don’t have to explain this to anyone. If I don’t want my video made, I don’t have to.


Then I was paying, he passed me again and started shooting video. I told him, “I’m also a human being. How can I ask you for this more?” I said. He said, “Can’t I shoot a video of a person?” said. I replied, “No, you can’t do this if I don’t want to.”

It saddens me that people push the limits. I wish they were much more respectful. I’m still trying to manage this but it feels heavy. I can take pictures with you but if you push the boundaries and it turns into a struggle, where are my rights after you say “No”?

I’m sharing this video because you have to respect people more. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they do. Respect them just because they are human.

On the other hand, Millie Bobby Brown made a confession about the Game of Thrones series in the past months.

16-year-old Brown announced years ago that he auditioned for the project but was considering quitting acting because he was rejected.

According to Screen Rant’s report; The actor said that he received a negative response in the auditions he participated in before, but among the projects, the result he received from this series hurt him the most.

Millie Bobby Brown lost in Game of Thrones audition

Millie Bobby Brown expressed her feelings about this issue at that time as follows:

I guess it hurt me so much to be rejected, which is something I told everyone. This industry has always been full of rejection. You will get ‘No’ many times before you get ‘Yes’ once.

I was participating in the ad auditions. Then I auditioned for Game of Thrones and was rejected. At the time, I thought, “This is really hard,” and I think I really wanted that role.

Brown said that he later made a final trial and found out two months later that he was accepted into the Eleven role in the digital platform project through an online interview.

Millie Bobby Brown, who became famous with the character ‘Eleven’, which she portrayed in the ‘Stranger Things’ series, received many nominations, including Emmy.

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