Milena Baldassarri’s Instagram Posts Invite A Huge Audience Of Fans

Italian Olympic Athlete Milena Baldassarri Gained A Huge Follower On Instagram And Surprised Her New Posts With Hot Emoji Comments.

Milena Baldassarri gained a huge following with Beauty And After Success in Tokyo. The female athlete, who gained thousands of followers in a short time, became one of the most remarkable names in Tokyo.

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Milena Baldassarri does not hesitate to share her private life and very private photos on Instagram. The Female Athlete, who managed to attract the attention of many people with her beauty and success, became a name that made a name for herself with her competition in the Tokyo Olympics.

Rhythmic gymnastics, all-round final: Milena Baldassarri is in a magnificent sixth

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Milena Baldassarri dreams of a medal in rhythmic gymnastics at the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo. It would be an absolute undertaking, because the favorites are the others. But after the perfect sixth place in yesterday’s qualifiers, who knows, the magical atmosphere of the Italian expedition doesn’t interest you too? Being among the top ten gymnasts in the world is definitely an achievement. He was flawless in all four individual practices yesterday: 25,700 balls, 24,550 hoops, 25,650 clubs, 20,150 ribbons for a total of 96,050.

For gold, there will be a battle between the Averina twins, who confirmed yesterday that they are big favorites: Dina 106,300, her sister Arina closed with 106,175. Behind them are the very powerful Israeli Linoy Ashram, followed by Harnasko (Belarus), Salos (Belarus). Also in the final are Zelikman (Israel), Kaleyn (Bulgaria) and two Ukrainians Onopriienko and Pohranychna.

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11.35 The individual all-round rhythmic gymnastics course comes to an end, with the gold medal awarded to Linoy Ashram of Israel, followed by the silver medal by Dina Averina and the bronze medal by Belarusian Alina Harnasko. Arina, the twin sister of the unfortunate Dina Averina, who closed with a wooden medal. Sixth is Milan Baldassarri, who did not reach the podium, but still broke the record for blue rhythm history.

10.54 hours Excellent performance on tape by Milena Baldassarri. The Italian gets 22,400 which brings it to a total of 99,265. In any case, there is little hope for a medal.

After 10.45 Clubs, Milena Baldassarri is in sixth place with 77,255 points. Israel Ashram first with 84,500, followed by the second and third two Russian twins, Dina and Arina Averina, with 83,650 and 82,550, respectively.

10.05 Milena Baldassarri is still doing well: she scores 26,300 points in clubs.

9.48 class is in the middle of the race. Israeli Linoy Ashram is leading with 55,850, dueling Russian Dina Averina for gold. Twin Arina third (54,750), fourth Belarusian Alina Harnasko (54,000). Milena Baldassarri is sixth (50,725).

9.20 Milena Baldassarri’s second attempt was also good, she played with the third ball: The referees’ score was 25,625. Now at 50,725, fifth place race.

9.10 We move on to the ball: Arina Averina’s great workout immediately, starting with a perfect 27,900

9.00 Ranking after the first rotation: Leading with 27,550 is Israeli Linoy Ashram followed by Russian sisters Averina. Dina is second with 27,200 and Arina is third with 26,850. Belarusian Alina Harnasko finished fourth (26,500), followed by Bulgarian Boryana Kaleyn (25,900). Milena Baldassarri seventh (25,100).

Bulgarian Boryna Kaleyn takes the position with 8.40 25.900.

8.35 Israeli Nicol Zelikman makes some mistakes: 23,700.

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8.31 A good test of Mavi, who closed the exhibition without any mistakes. The judges’ decision was a bit harsh: 25,100. He is currently in third place.

Salos from Belarus with a score of 8.28, 25,425. Now Milena Baldassarri.

8.21 The start of the race, we start from the hoop. Arina Averina scored a total of 26,850 in her first performance: she is one of the favourites. Baldassarri will play third.

8.10 There are ten minutes left until the final of the all-round competition with Milena Baldassarri, who was sixth in the qualifiers yesterday. A medal requires an achievement, but these Olympics have taught us to dream.

06.20 Le Farfalle della rhythca qualified for tomorrow’s final with an encouraging third place. Individual final with Milena Baldassarri at 8.20.

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MILENA BALDASSARRI has more than 72.5 thousand followers on Instagram. Italian Athlete “milenabaldassarri” is on Instagram with her username.

Milena baldassarris instagram posts invite a huge audience of fans 4 gmspors

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