Milan and Juventus’ transfer battle for “New Neymar” Kaio Jorge

Included in the transfer news is Kaio Jorge, shown as the new Brazilian Neymar. It is stated that Milan and Juventus are waging a great transfer war for Kaio Jorge, whose 19-year-old young forward of Santos and “the future of Brazil” comments.

A new star is about to emerge from Brazil, the world’s exporter of footballers … Kaio Jorge, who is famous in Santos like Neymar and followed intensely by European teams, can take the path of Europe at the age of 19 like Neymar. While Milan and Juventus are fighting a big transfer battle for the young star, whom the Brazilian authorities expect a lot and see as the “future of Brazil”, Santos wants to earn money from his player shortly before the end of the contract.

Milan and juventus transfer battle for new neymar kaio jorge gmspors

Kaio Jorge, who stood out last season, was an important player in Santos’ last games. After returning from injury in April, the pivot striker has participated in all goals since taking his place in the team.

However, the future of 19-year-old Santos is uncertain. The contract with the club ends at the end of the season and negotiations are jammed. President Andrés Rueda even commented on the possibility of the player being sold to European football.

Kaio Jorge Transfer Cost 30 Million Dollars

Santos demands 30 million euros for his player whose contract expires in December 2021. Kaio Jorge will be able to sign any team in June if transferred without a testimonial, but the contract will be valid from December. The start of leagues in Europe in August and September also strengthens Santos’ hand in transfer.

It is also stated that Juventus is close to finalizing the transfer of the player and will put a “100 million euro release fee” into his contract.

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