Michelle Wie West, stern response to Rudy Giuliani

Michelle Wie West Responds to Rudy Giuliani’s Reproachful Remarks About Him. Michelle Wie West did not hesitate to react sharply to Rudy Giuliani’s words.

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Michelle Wie West, stern response to Rudy Giuliani

Golf player Michelle Wie West put America’s nauseating city hall leader, Rudy Giuliani, in his place after he made belittling, typifying remarks about her while showing up on a webcast facilitated by previous Trump crusade chief Steve Bannon.

While Giuliani and Bannon were examining the demise of moderate radio personality Rush Limbaugh, Giuliani said he had a “clever” story to tell about a period he and Rush were playing golf. However, in the event that you know anything about Giuliani and his set of experiences of terrible conduct (see: his appearance in the most recent Borat film), you’ll realize that the story he’s going to tell is certainly not a decent one.

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“On the green is Michele Wie, and she is preparing to putt,” Giuliani said. “Presently Michelle Wie is beautiful. She’s six feet. What’s more, she has an odd putting position. She twists right finished, and her underwear show. Also, the press was going insane. Since they were attempting to take pictures… I said ‘[Rush], it’s not me, it’s not you.'”

In the wake of recounting his story, Giuliani stopped and asked, “Is that OK to make that wisecrack on the air?”To which Bannon reacted, “Well you previously advised it, so I don’t have a clue,” and Giuliani chuckled derangedly.

Wie West reacted on Twitter however didn’t condescend to rehash Giuliani’s name. “What this individual ought to have recollected from that day was the way that I shot 64 and beat each male golf player in the field driving our group to triumph,” Wie West composed. “I shiver thinking he was grinning to my face and commending my game while typifying me and referring to my ‘undies’ despite my good faith throughout the day.”

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“What ought to be talked about is the world class expertise level that ladies play at, not what we wear or resemble,” she proceeded.

Wie West went on further to clarify that she had been evaluating another placing position at the time trying to improve her game. “NOT as an encouragement to look into my skirt,” she composed.


Michelle Wie is a Korean-born American professional golf player. In 2006, it was shown as one of the 100 people guiding our world by Time magazine. The youngest player has received many awards.

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