Michael Owen’s daughter did a lap dance

The images of Michael Owen’s daughter doing a lap dance became the agenda on social media. The legendary football player could not believe what he saw and made an emoji statement about his daughter’s events on Twitter.

Gemma, the daughter of former football player Michael Owen, gave a lap dance to the male contestants with her bold outfit on the Love Island program, which was watched by millions. The former football player, who watched those images of his daughter, showed his reaction by sharing a face emoji that closed his eyes with both hands on his Twitter account.

The dating program Love Island, broadcast on ITV2, continues to be on the agenda. Gemma, the daughter of former football player Michael Owen, marked the contest, which became popular with the release of images of the contestants having sexual intercourse in the villa they were staying in.

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Gemma, who appeared before the male contestants in her black thong dress, danced to the accompaniment of music. Gemma, who gave a lap dance to the male contestants, started kissing with Luca Bish, one of the contestants. After the last part of the program was on the agenda on social media, Gemma’s father, former football player Michael Owen, reacted with emoji from his Twitter account.

Gemma, the daughter of legendary football player Michael Owen, has made a move that will shake the agenda before. Gemma, who cheated on her boyfriend, who was in the same competition, with another man, was on the agenda of social media.

GEMMA OWEN Increases Followers on Instagram

She totally is and you can find her @gemowen_1. 580K individuals have previously done as such, making her perhaps of the most well known hopeful on the stage from the current year’s line-up.

Love Island fans were more than happy after Gemma Owen at last referred to her renowned father Michael Owen, despite the fact that she hasn’t yet name dropped him to her kindred hopefuls.

Gemma, 19, is the oldest girl of the ex-footballing ace and his life as a youngster darling Louise Ball, yet in spite of being the girl of a donning legend, Gemma’s figured out how to stay quiet about it for a long while now.

Indeed, even in minutes where we thought she’d at long last spill, similar to when Luca Bish clumsily raised football and thought he’d know more than the renowned footballer-turned-reporter, Gemma remained quiet, referencing her father without really naming him.

Who is Gemma Owen’s ex?

Jacques O’Neill – Gemma’s rugby player ex – entered the Love Island estate last week.

The 23-year-old plays for Castleford Tigers in the Super League.

The player has shown up for the club since joining in 2019 and was named in England Knights’ presentation crew in 2021 – and is accounted for to have dated Gemma for about a year prior dividing sooner or later over the most recent a year.

For what reason did Gemma Owen need to partake in Love Island?

Self-portrayed as “fun, coquettish and red hot”, Gemma made sense of that she had been seeing somebody however it didn’t end up actually working.

“I was seeing somebody and afterward that didn’t work out so I thought, ‘Why not?’,” she made sense of her purposes behind joining Love Island.

She added: “I’m available to finding love, I’m needing to have a truly fun summer.”

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