Michael Jackson’s son says only Beyonce is worthy of his father’s throne

Michael Jackson’s son stated that only Beyonce is worthy of his father’s throne.

Prince Jackson, son of ‘king of pop’ Michael Jackson, has made statements about who can run for the throne of the legendary singer.

Prince Jackson, the son of the famous pop star Michael Jackson, who died in 2009 and shocked his fans, talked about the legacy his father left in the music world.

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Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Jackson’s son, Prince, commented on Rolling Stone magazine’s nomination of Harry Styles for his father’s throne.

“There are many technological infrastructures and social factors that make up the definition of King of Pop. Frankly, I don’t see these in someone else’s career. Everyone has their own achievements, but being the ‘King of Pop’ is a very unique achievement because my father has been able to cross all borders in many countries.”

“She was a huge success globally and at one point became the most famous person in the world,” Jackson said. For all these reasons, I don’t think anyone can take the title of ‘King of Pop’,” he continued.

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Although this title is currently only used for Michael Jackson, his son said he could nominate only one person. Jackson said that he only thought of Beyonce for this title.

“I don’t know him personally, but I appreciate his approach to music. From a professional standpoint, I knew my father appreciated Beyonce in her years of rise. I think he predicted that he would come to this day. She saw the same spark and dedication in Beyonce. That’s why I see him close to where my father is.”

The famous pop star has three children named Paris, Prince and Prince Michael II.

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