Mia Khalifa’s hot poses in her bikini were admired by the fans

Former adult movie star Mia Khalifa took a breath with her holiday shares! She took off everything she was wearing and threw herself into the pool and shares those moments on social media.

Former adult movie star Mia Khalifa is among the names who actively use social media accounts. After leaving the adult film industry, Khalifa, who sells her sexy photos and videos on her social media accounts, recently shared a photo of herself completely naked while on vacation in a luxury villa while swimming in the pool.

Mia khalifas hot poses in her bikini were admired by the fans 5 gmspors

Mia Khalifa, a 29-year-old former adult movie star of Lebanese origin, started to present to her followers sections from her vacations all over the world with the arrival of the summer months. Khalifa, who shared the frames from her vacation to her 27.8 million followers, shared a moment when she entered the pool completely naked, although she did not specify where she was vacationing. Expressing that she brought out her inner nature girl, Khalifa added the note “I am still a nature girl” to her post.

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Sharing a photo of herself completely naked in the pool, Khalifa applied her own censorship, adhering to Instagram’s community guidelines. Khalifa, who covered the part of her hips in the pool with a cloud emoji, received full marks from social media users for the pleasant moments of her vacation.

Although Mia Khalifa has said goodbye to the porn industry, she has not broken away from eroticism. Because the beautiful star also has an OnlyFans account, where she shares her sexy photos. As you know, OnlyFans is an Instagram-like app. The only difference is that you have to pay for the profile you want to see. Models on this platform earn serious money by selling their erotic photos, and Khalifa is one of those models.

Mia khalifas hot poses in her bikini were admired by the fans 6 gmspors

However, fans of Mia Khalifa can see sexy pictures of her without paying. Because the beautiful model also shares very bold posts on Instagram. The former porn star, who also attracted attention with her last photo, was appreciated. The photo series, which was liked by 1.6 million people, was also the scene of comments with flame and heart emojis. From time to time, we witness that famous names make such posts in order to have more followers. The purpose of this is to increase advertising revenues by getting more interaction.

Mia khalifas hot poses in her bikini were admired by the fans 4 gmspors

Mia Khalifa claims ‘offering body to the military’ is more terrible than doing it for pornography

Previous Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa worked up some debate after she contrasted being in the military with selling express happy on the web.

A clasp from the late-night television show Ziwe, 29-year-old Mia responded to inquiries concerning the untouchable of selling your body on OnlyFans – and contended that any occupation is selling your body.

She even ventured to guarantee that being a trooper is a more regrettable method for selling your body than making pornography on the web as she does.

Mia khalifas hot poses in her bikini were admired by the fans 2 gmspors

In the fragment, which has acquired than 248,000 preferences on TikTok, the host, Ziwe Fumudoh said: “So we have OnlyFans, and afterward we have the sex work industry, and afterward we have like entertainers.

“Is there a distinction between these ventures or would we say we are all on a very basic level selling out bodies here and there?”

Mia answered: “Truly, I believe that selling your body, as assuming we are going by that definition, being in the Army is more regrettable than being on OnlyFans. You’re offering your body to the public authority.”

To which the host answered: “Goodness.”

Furthermore, she wasn’t the one in particular that was paralyzed by the articulation as TikTok fans took to the remarks partitioned over her viewpoint as some accepted she is correct and others accept she was being impolite to the military.

One client expressed: “Mia without any assistance destroying the idea of war.”

One more added: “Made a distraught valid statement though.”

A third said: “in the military you do something to society.”

A fourth remarked: “One profession is fair and magnanimous. The other is taking on 5 fellows on the double and being embarrassed. They’re not something similar.”

Be that as it may, a few troopers answered the clasp concurring with what Mia needed to say in sewed recordings – some of which were imparted to Mia’s Instagram story.

One officer said: “I get f***ed 1,000,000 unique ways by the public authority.”

Mia khalifas hot poses in her bikini were admired by the fans 1 gmspors

The OnlyFans model has been holidaying all over the world, in spite of the fact that it is muddled what country she is in right now., she imparted the furthest down the line pictures to her 27.8million Instagram devotees on her Story, first showing up in the pool at a rich estate

Presenting in a pink two-piece and shades, she subtitled the principal snap: “Am I still a nature young lady on the off chance that nature accompanies an attendant and warmed latrine seats.”

In later pictures she flaunted where she was remaining, finished with a labyrinth of pools, impeccably organized trees and extravagant food.

In one snap Mia should be visible grinning while at the same time tasting on a beverage, wearing a streaming naval force blue dress as she loosens up before a vastness pool.

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