Mia Khalifa Twerk Video Goes Viral On Tiktok

Twerk video she shared from Mia Khalifa Tiktok account received millions of views and likes in a short time.

This week’s video posts of Mia Khalifa, who has more than 26.2 million followers on Tiktok, are among the trends.


It’s the hand holding for me @heyjennaleee

♬ Yonaguni – Bad Bunny

While Mia Khalifa was Twerk, her friend Jenna Lee also helped her. It seems pretty girls always manage to get attention on tik tok.

Mia and Jenna Lee have had a pretty close friendship lately. The duo frequently shares photos and videos on social media. It is known that Mia and Jenna have a very close friendship with each other in their last period.


I berfore E except after C @miakhalifa

♬ original sound – Juli Rudetsky-Wesley

miakhalifa Tiktok Look

Mia Khalifa has been extremely popular on Tiktok for many years and has millions of followers on other social media platforms. It is certain that they show a lot of interest in Mia, especially her American followers.

Ebony-American social star who has gained followers on the YouTube, Twitch and Instagram stages and is also known for facilitating sports syndicated shows. A former star and model who became an overnight sensation on adult sites.

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She moved on from the University of Texas at El Paso with a degree ever.

She recently worked at a drive-thru eatery. She filled in as a games analyst on Complex News’ web show Out of Bounds from 2017 to 2018.

She was brought into the world in Beirut, Lebanon and moved to the United States in 2000. She wedded her secondary school darling in 2011 and they later separated in 2016. In mid 2019, she reported her commitment to Swedish gourmet specialist Robert Sandberg.

As a devoted Florida State football fan, she endeavored to select Braxton Miller to move schools from Ohio State to Florida State for the 2015 season.

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