Mia Khalifa explains why she started adult movies

Mia Khalifa, who was an actor in adult films for a while, made statements about her old days. Mia Khalifa talked about why she started adult films.

Mia Khalifa, who briefly starred in porn films, now hopes to protect other women by not shying away from talking about her experience and the events that led her to take this path.

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Mia Khalifa Recounts Abuse in Adult Movies

When Khalifa, 28, looked back and saw a woman with self-confidence problems, she said, “I was determining my own worth through other people. I was always trying to get the approval of others. I was naive, vulnerable, easily influenced. Others could convince me very easily. Especially men,” she said.

Mia Khalifa worked in the porn film industry for three months when she was 21. Mia, who took part in many films at that time, explained that she had a hard time forgetting her bad memories at that time.

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She has acted in 12 movies that have been watched billions of times on PornHub today. It rose rapidly. She received death threats from some Muslim countries because of the costume he used in the movies. And, she left the industry in a short time.

She describes this period of her life as an unconsidered decision. Now by recounting her experience in the ‘adult movies’ industry, how she was exploited, she hopes her story will be a lesson and prevent other women from going through the same.

Born in Lebanon, Khalifa moved to the United States with her family in 2001. They settled in the state of Maryland, but Khalifa remembers very well that she struggled to adapt, especially after the 9/11 attacks.

Saying that she could not solve the problem of internalized racism until she started therapy at the age of 25, Khalifa said, “I struggled to be white for a long time.”

“It was very difficult for a Middle Eastern person to grow up in a place like this. The way Americans think about Middle Easterners changed completely after 9/11.

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Stating that her high school years were very difficult when her self-confidence was low, she said, “I was overweight, I had very few friends. I was not like the people around me. This pushed me into a relationship that I should never have started. And those were the steps to the adult film industry for me.” said.

Khalifa earned just $1,000 for each stage she participated in, or $12,000 in total. Today these videos have generated millions of dollars in revenue, but Khalifa has been unable to generate more revenue due to the contract she signed.

She also said that she has no rights to these images she tried to remove from the internet:

“I don’t think anyone without a legal background will fully understand what these contracts say. There are so many jargons, so many loopholes and devious ways of saying things… It’s driving me crazy because it’s out of my control. I have a lot to deal with without sacrificing my sanity. But that’s not something I’d totally give up as it would be like hammering a nail in my own coffin.”

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While struggling with things beyond her control, Khalifa also regained her power by controlling her own image and brand through social media.

She has a total of 53 million followers on Instagram and TikTok.

She says connecting with other women exploited online empowers her:

“TikTok felt even better than therapy. Women who are brave enough to tell their own stories and share their experiences without hiding their faces… This is where my confidence comes from. “Seeing these women who have been through worse than me and struggling with their fingernails has been key to fighting my own shame.”

The OnlyFans account, on the other hand, allowed her to not only earn income, but also own content about her. Feeling that she has a stronger bond with her fans, Khalifa explains that she also trusts the people she sends content to.

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While the platform is good for Khalifa, she is particularly aware of its impact on young girls with self-esteem issues and struggling with the pressures of society’s beauty standards:

“Don’t try to shape young women on the Internet. It doesn’t always mean glamor, great time, fame that comes fast. There’s a lot more behind it, and starting sex work shouldn’t be an easy decision.”

With more than 25.5 million followers on Instagram, Mia continues her career as a model.

She is on Instagram with the username @miakhalifa and has an active profile.