Mesut Ozil responded to transfer rumors – signed Fenerbahçe

Mesut Özil responded to the transfer rumors: I am at Arsenal until my contract ends

Mesut Özil, who is often mentioned with the Super League teams Fenerbahçe and Medipol Başakşehir, announced that he will stay in Arsenal and emphasized that his contract is 4 years. Giving a message of equality for the whole world in the interview, the German national football player said, “I am here until the last day of my contract.”

Mesut Ozil issue does not fall off the agenda in Arsenal. The German national football player, who is often mentioned with the Super League teams Medipol Başakşehir and Fenerbahçe, put an end to the discussions and said that he will stay in London until the end of his 4-year contract. The 31-year-old star said, “The situation is very clear. I am here until the last day of our agreement and this club. “Situations like this do not bring me down, on the contrary, they make me stronger. I have shown that I can return to the team in the past seasons and I will show it again. I decide when to go, not someone else.”


Speaking to US-based The Athletic, Özil also stated that he loves London and reminded that his contract is not expired, “I did not sign a 2 or 3 year contract. My contract is 4 years and everyone should respect it. Things were difficult, but I love Arsenal. I love working here. I love the people in the club. I have been working with them for a long time and I also love London. This is my home, ”he said.


Özil, one of the 3 players who did not accept the salary cut during the pandemic process in Arsenal, stated that the players were not given sufficient information and explained the situation. The words of the football player, who scored 1 goal and 3 assists in 23 games last season, are as follows: “As players, we all wanted to contribute to the club. But we needed more information for many unanswered questions. Even with so much uncertainty, no one had a problem with delayed salaries. But a proper negotiation. As someone in this situation, you have the right to know everything and to know where the money is going. But enough detail has not been given and we have been asked to make a quick choice. ”


Mesut Özil: People Are Equal

Referring to social issues in his interview, Özil gave a message of equality through George Floyd, who was killed by the police in the USA, “Every person is equal. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, black, white or something else. The world is ‘Black life is important’ for George Floyd. He said and this is very true. I wish people would do the same for Muslims. The life of Muslims is also valuable, “he said.

The prominent lines in Mesut Özil’s statement to The Atletic are as follows:

“My decision is clear. I will remain at Arsenal until the last day of my contract and I will do everything I can for this team. Situations like this will not weaken, but strengthen me. I have shown before that I can regain my place in the team, I can do it once again. What from Arsenal? I decide that I will leave the time, nobody else. I signed a 4-year contract with this club, not 2 or 3 years. Everyone should respect this. I love Arsenal and London. This is my home. ”

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Mesut Özil responded to the transfer rumors: I am at Arsenal until my contract ends

The club tied the German football player of Turkish origin to his colors for 3.5 years.

Both Fenerbahçe and Mesut Ozil made their first posts during the official announcement of the transfer.

Fenerbahçe’s social media account shared the song “Come with the day and night” and the hourglass emoji.

Mesut Ozil responded to Fenerbahçe’s share with yellow-dark blue hearts and an hourglass emoji.

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