Message that surprised Neymar: I got her name tattooed on my ass

Message to the surprise of Paris Saint-Germain footballer Neymar: I got her name tattooed on my butt. The message that surprised Paris Saint-Germain footballer Neymar was on the agenda on social media.

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Neymar, the Brazilian star of Paris Saint Germain, met with fans from the story section on Instagram. While dozens of messages were sent to the 29-year-old football player, who answered the questions of his followers, one of them stunned Neymar. The Brazilian football player, who was quite surprised by the article “I got his name tattooed” by a follower, who is supposed to be a woman, responded with a laugh.

Neymar, the Brazilian star of Paris Saint-Germain, who has been away from the fields for a long time due to her injury, answered the questions of her fans on social media.

While many users expressed their admiration for the star football player and their desire to be friends, interesting messages also came to the bewilderment of Neymar. The 28-year-old footballer could not hide his astonishment when a user, who was assumed to be a woman, shared an article saying “I had his name tattooed on my butt”. Neymar simply responded to this message with a laugh.

Message that surprised Neymar I got her name tattooed on my ass

Paris Saint Germain star striker has 147 million followers on his personal Instagram account.

He was injured in early February

Neymar was injured in the 60th minute of the match played in the French Cup at the beginning of February and left the game. The striker player has not been able to play since then.