Mena Suvari made confessions about her ex-boyfriend

Mena Suvari says shocking things in confessions about her ex-boyfriend. Confession from the American actress Mena Suvari years later: She said she was hospitalized because of my ex-boyfriend’s fantasies.

American Mena Suvari explained that she was subjected to the psychological and sexual violence of her lover years ago. The beautiful actress said that her lover, whom she did not name, was once hospitalized because of her fantasies.

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Mena Suvari (43), who took part in many productions such as ‘American Beauty’, ‘American Pie’ and ‘Never Lose’, made statements that will make a sound about her private life. Speaking to The Guardian, the actress admitted that she was subjected to psychological and sexual violence by her boyfriend years ago. According to the famous star; These events that Suvari experienced occurred when the actress was just 17 years old.

Mena Suvari admitted that her ex-lover, whose name she did not reveal, pressured her to have a threesome. The actor added that she met the woman, the third person in question, on the set of a movie she later starred in.

Mena Suvari claims she was ‘maneuvered’ toward trios by harmful ex: It ‘actually burdens me’

The entertainer, 43, first focused on encountering sexual maltreatment from a previous accomplice and getting through chronic drug use in her 2021 diary, “The Great Peace,” stating “I was not cherished. I was only a body, a container for his cravings.”

In her book, Suvari wrote that her ex would tell her how “moronic” she was, and called out to her. She said she “felt caught,” and ingested medications to numb the agony.

Mena Suvari, who confessed that she gave in to these pressures, stated that she was subjected to both physical and verbal violence from her lover. Mena Suvari also stated that she had to use some sexual accessories that she did not like while she was with her boyfriend.

Suvari did not even hide that he was once hospitalized for this reason. The actor stated that this experience she had when she was very young was devastating for her. Mena Suvari also made another confession in that interview. The famous actress told that her brother was harassed by a friend when he was 12 years old.

Mena Alexandra Suvari (born February 13, 1979 in Newport, Rhode Island) is an American actress, stylist, and model. She acted in popular productions such as ‘American Beauty’, ‘American Pie’ and ‘Never Lose’.

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