Melissa Satta Divorced From Her Husband

Kevin-Prince Boateng and his wife Melissa Satta are divorced. Explaining that he ended his relationship with the famous football player, Model did not make much explanation about it.

Famous model Melissa Satta announced that they divorced Beşiktaş’s former star Kevin-Prince Boateng by ending their marriage since 2011. Years ago, Satta said, “Boateng is often injured because we have sexual intercourse 10 times a week,” and it was on the agenda all over the world.

Famous model Melissa Satta made her decision to break up with her husband, Kevin-Prince Boateng, who was transferred to Beşiktaş during the middle of last season and wore only 6 months in black and white.

Making a statement on social media, Satta said that they decided to permanently terminate their relationship with the Ghanaian football player.

“After being separated for a while, we decided to end our relationship permanently by respecting each other’s situation and staying calm,” said the famous model, “Our son Maddox’s healthy growth will be an important reference point for us. Thanks for these 9 years. For the best gift, Maddox … “he said.

Boateng made the same statement on his social media accounts, and the relationship between the two officially ended.

Melissa Satta sexy confession with her husband

The couple, who started their relationship in 2011 with marriage in 2016, had their son Maddox in 2014. Melissa Satta said in a statement in 2012 that the reason for the frequent injuries of the successful footballer was that they had too much sexual intercourse and that “The reason why Kevin is constantly injured is that we have sexual intercourse 10 times a week”, attracting attention all over the world.

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