Melissa Horn is Away from the Stage for a Long Time

Swedish Singer Melissa Horn has been living a life away from the stage for a long time. “Melissa Horn”, who continues her life in America, does not seem to be a very active singer nowadays.

34-year-old female singer Melissa Horn has lost its activity on Instagram. Moving towards a life away from social media and stages, Melissa Horn remained silent to the allegations that she was planning to release a new song.

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Melissa Horn, who has a contract with Sony Music and continues to live in the USA and Sweden, has been away from social media since June, causing her followers to wonder.

Astrid Melissa Edwarda Horn Weitzberg is a Swedish pop artist known as Melissa Horn. She is the daughter of singer Maritza Horn.

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Who is Melissa Horn?

She was brought into the world to vocalist Maritza Horn (conceived 1951), and Edvard Terrence Weitzberg (conceived 1955) in a space in Södermalm, close to Stockholm. She has five kin, all young men. Her folks got her a guitar when she turned 16 and not long a while later she thought of her first tune. She took vocal courses and afterward got hold of a maker and at last got a record contract before she completed secondary school. In 2010, she began an organization called Edward AB.

Melissa Horn’s presentation collection Långa nätter was delivered on 30 April 2008 followed by Säg ingenting till mig on 14 October 2009. This record in the long run went gold, presenting her to a bigger crowd; she was designated for Gramiss (Swedish likeness the Grammy Awards) in the classifications Artist of the Year, Composer of the Year and Lyricist of the Year.

A continuation of that collection Innan jag kände burrow was dispatched on 16 September 2011 and beat the Swedish Album Charts inside its first seven day stretch of delivery. She advanced it with a visit in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Her fourth collection Om du vill vara prescription mig was delivered on 2 October 2013 and her fifth collection entitled Jag går nu came out on 27 November 2015. Every one of her deliveries are in Swedish.

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Horn additionally sang “Kungsholmens hamn” in a remembrance service for the casualties of the 2011 Norway assaults in Utøya and Oslo.

Following 4 years of rest since her last delivery, Melissa Horn delivered another collection Konstgjord andning on 13 September 2019. She is teaming up with vocalist Kaah and artist White Collar.