Meghan markle and prince harrys interview released flash allegations 2 gmspors

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview released: Flash allegations

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s interview has been published: Shocking events are on the agenda with flash claims.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who got married in London on May 19, 2018 and entered the British royal family, told Oprah Winfrey what they had experienced in the whole process after their hurried escape to the USA. Meghan claimed, “I was suicidal when I was 5 months old. They were worried that our baby Archie was brunette.”

For weeks the highly anticipated interview took place last night … and told Turkey time 04.00 ‘te beginning two hours from the time of the interview with the British royal family fled and settled in the United States Meghan Markle celebrity host Oprah Winfrey and Harry they live.

In the interview, which attracted the great reaction of the British royal family, Meghan Markle admitted that she had a very difficult process. “When I was 5 months pregnant, I was suicidal. Kate Middleton made me cry, and the Royal family hinted that they would not give Archie the title of principality because they feared they didn’t know how dark Archie would be.

Meghan markle and prince harrys interview released flash allegations 2 gmspors

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: “WE SHOULD HAVE THE SPOTIFY Deal”

Harry said, “My family has officially stopped flowing money to me. Fortunately, I managed to leave the royal family with the money left by my mother, Princess Diana. Before I met Meghan, I was feeling closed. Before I said that I was leaving England with Meghan, my father, Charles, stopped getting on my phones. “I was trapped and couldn’t see a way out,” he said.

Harry stated that the reason behind their agreement with Spotify and Netflix was this financial need.


Expressing that she wanted to escape after meeting Meghan Markle, Harry said, “I wouldn’t have left the family without Meghan because I didn’t know I was trapped. My father and brother were also trapped, but they don’t want to go and I’m very sorry for them ”.


Saying that she was suicidal during her pregnancy, Meghan said, “I just didn’t want to live, and this idea was clearly on my mind. Harry has been very supportive of me. “I didn’t want to be any more burden on his shoulders, the weight of the whole world was on his shoulders,” he said.

Harry said of his relationship with his father, “We are talking to him right now, but it takes a lot of work. I was really disappointed because he also dealt with similar issues. He knows what this kind of pain is, and Archie is his grandson. “I will always love him, but it has been very painful and my priority is to improve our relationship.”

About his brother William, “I love William with everything. He is my brother We had a very hard time with him and shared experiences together, but now we are on different paths, ”he commented.


During the two-hour interview, Meghan made many statements and stated that she also had a fight with her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Meghan said they were experiencing tension with Kate Middleton over the dress of the little girl who threw flowers during her bride.

Meghan said, “Kate was unhappy with the flower girls’ dress and said very heavy words. It made me cry. But later she regretted doing this, took responsibility and apologized. She brought me flowers and wrote an apology. “If I also upset someone, I would do that too,” she said.


To a question about how she lied the whole process, Meghan said, “Can you see how illogical that is? “I gave up my career, my life,” she said.

On the other hand, regarding the wedding day, Meghan said, “It was like I had come out of my body and watched. “We both realized that before the wedding day, we both did not have it this day,” she said.


Meghan said she was very naive before her wedding in 2018 and had never done any research on the British royal family.

Speaking to the US CBS channel, Meghan said, “I didn’t know what family I was going to join. “I can say that I was very naive at the time because I did not do any research on the royal family,” he said.

Meghan Markle: I ran into racism

Meghan also announced to the public that during her pregnancy, a family member told Harry that it was on the agenda that they would not be able to give their babies Archie privileges and titles.

While Meghan didn’t say who made such a statement, “There was constant tension during the months when I was pregnant. “There were rumors and concerns about how dark his skin would be when he was born, and therefore we were worried that he would not be given support, titles and assurances,” he said.

Meghan says, “It would be very devastating for her if I told her who she was. Harry told me that, ”he said.

Meghan markle and prince harrys interview released flash allegations 1 gmspors


Harry said that one of the reasons behind his separation from the royal family was that he didn’t want history to repeat itself.

Harry said he did not want to die like his mother, Princess Diana, who died in an accident in 1997 while fleeing magazines in Paris.

“My biggest fear was that history would repeat, and I have said this in public many times,” said Harry. I was seeing history repeat itself, and in a much more dangerous way. When I included racism and social media, I could see the same things happening, and when I say that history was repeating itself here, I am talking about my mother, of course, ”he said.

Meghan and Harry will have daughters

While Meghan caressed her belly with gestures that reminded her that she was pregnant throughout the interview, Harry also gave the good news that they will have a baby girl.

The couple stressed that this interview was the last one about the Royal family and that they will never make such statements and comments again.

Meghan and Harry also expressed that they are in a good relationship with Queen Elizabeth.

Meghan said emphatically that they didn’t get any money for this interview.

Harry and Meghan’s interview will make a fortune

New details have emerged about the interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which will be broadcast on US television. It is claimed that the couple did not receive a fee for the interview, while millions of dollars were paid for the production rights of the channel.

The countdown continues for the bombshell interview of the couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who left their duties in the royal family and settled in the United States.

The couple, who got into a war with the British media and reported about their allegations of bullying the palace employees, told the process they went through to the US TV broadcaster Oprah Winfrey.

Striking information has emerged about the two-hour interview, which has been broadcasting piecemeal presentations for days and will be broadcast tomorrow, which created great excitement. The Wall Street Journal newspaper wrote that the CBS channel opened its mouth to get the rights to broadcast the interview.


According to the newspaper’s report, the channel paid between $ 7 and $ 9 million to Winfrey’s production company to air the interview. In return for this payment, the channel also got the right to broadcast the interview internationally. The channel priced 325 thousand dollars for a 30-second episode for its commercials during the program.

The Wall Street Journal suggested that the Harry and Meghan couple, who previously made multi-million dollar deals with platforms such as Netflix and Spotify, did not receive any payment for this interview.