Megan Fox wants to get pregnant from her boyfriend

Megan Fox announced that she wanted to get pregnant from her boyfriend. She told her boyfriend to either kill me or impregnate me!

Actress and model Megan Fox commented on Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram account to share her idea of ​​making a baby.

Under Machine Gun Kelly’s October 26 Instagram post, Megan Fox wrote, “Nobody with better bone structure has ever walked in this world. Elegant, devastatingly handsome. And she’s six feet tall? Kill me or impregnate me. Those are the only options.” .

The famous model made the message under a photo of Machine Gun Kelly taken at the TIME 100 Next Gala held in New York on October 25. Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, wore a sheer body corset combined with black patent leather pants for this event. Megan wore a gold Maison Yeya dress.

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Megan’s cue to expand their family came after Machine Gun Kelly caught attention halfway through a song performance at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards with the announcement, “This is for our unborn child.”

The interactions in question make us think that the couple, who got engaged in January, is seriously considering having a baby.

Megan Fox got her boobs done in silicone

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It was revealed that Megan Fox, who was frequently on the agenda with her love for Machine Gun Kelly, was lying on the operating table to enlarge her breasts. After Fox breast aesthetics, she began to share with cleavage frequently. The famous actress received comments on her last post, “We got it, your breasts are new”.

US actress Megan Fox has been on the agenda recently with her relationship and breasts. Fox, who showed her new breast aesthetics with her share, had a reaction.

In 2002, when she was newly famous, Fox, whose breast size was small, had silicone implants after she got married and gave birth. Fox’s new low-cut images, which went to Italy for the fashion week, proved that she had increased her breast size.

Fox, who appeared to have enlarged her breasts, frequently shared low-cut poses, and her followers were angry.

Fox’s last poses, which received criticism from her fans with her new image, were “We got your breasts new”, “This silicone never happened” comments.

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