Megan Fox reveals to the world that she is bisexual

Megan Fox, who divorced her husband of 10 years, Brian Austin Green, for her young lover Machine Gun Kelly, expressed that she is bisexual in a statement.

Megan fox reveals she is gmspors

Famous actress Megan Fox, who is shown among the most beautiful women in the world, said that she is bisexual. “I can fall in love with my same sex,” said Fox. Here are Fox’s striking statements…

Divorced last year from her husband of 10 years and father of three children, Brian Austin Green, 35-year-old Megan Fox had a new love affair with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Gaining worldwide fame for her role in the Transformers series, Megan Fox participated in a radio show in the USA.

Megan fox reveals she is gmspors

Fox, “The society’s impositions against you have always been effective. However, I oppose these impositions. In the future, I may fall in love with my same sex,” he surprised.

Saying that he is bisexual, Fox said, “My life is nobody’s business! The important thing is who you are happy and peaceful with.”

Fox, who participated in a TV show in the USA last week, admitted that she used sex toys in her 20s.

Megan Fox said, “When I was younger, I used sex toys to satisfy my desires.

Especially when I was stressed, these toys were my refuge,” she said.

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