Megan Fox loves spending time with her son Journey River Green

American actress and model Megan Fox loves spending time with her son Journey River Green. Hot model Megan Fox, who had a son from her ex-wife, started a new love life.

Megan Fox made statements about her son for the first time

Megan fox announced her son’s name as “Journey River Green” to her followers. Hot actor and model Fox was allegedly longing to spend time with her son for a long time. Megan fox stated that the good times she spent with her boy were very precious.

Journey River Green, 3 years old, is already known to be learning to speak slowly. There are claims that the little boy, who was born as famous like his mother, will make the Journey River Green life plan by his mother.

Finally, Megan Fox, who starred in Ninja Turtles: Inside the Shadows, but recently came to the fore with her pregnancy rather than her acting, was seen shopping with her son.

Megan Fox, who learned that she will be a mother for the third time when the father of her 2 children was about to leave Brian Austin Green and decided to continue her relationship, carried her son in ‘mother’s arms.

In the coming days, the name Journey River Green, the Green River Journey, given to Megan Fox’s baby, who will star in James Franco’s Zeroville movie, was controversial. Fox and actor Brian Austin Green have two more sons named Noah and Bodhi.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin end their relationship forbidden love

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, who had decided to divorce before and then reconciled when they learned that their third baby would be born, broke up this time. After the relationship ended, allegations of forbidden love were made.

For a long time, it has been claimed that the home of Megan Fox, the owner of the title of the most beautiful woman in the world, and her husband Brian Austin Green were spoiled due to forbidden love.

According to the allegations reflected in the US press, Megan Fox’s forbidden love affair with rapper Machine Gun Kelly caused the couple to part ways.

It is rumored that Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been together since the last months of last year. The two starred in the music video for Machine Gun Kelly’s song Bloody Valentine.

Megan Fox, who left her husband and had a love affair with her young girlfriend Machine Gun Kelly, rebelled

Megan Fox, who broke up with her husband Brian Austin Green, started a relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly and was criticized for alleged involvement in forbidden love, eventually broke her silence.

US actress and model Megan Fox, who recently broke up with her husband and announced that she was with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, was criticized. Fox was allegedly in forbidden love.

Making a statement, Fox said that he was heavily critical. Referring to his marriage to Brian Austin Green, whom he no longer met, Fox explained: No matter what the reasons are, people are too ready to call me stupid and worthless, and it’s crazy. Do you know that I have been in a relationship with the same person for 15 years?

Fox said that even while struggling to deal with strict isolation measures, she learned to put criticism aside and instead focus on what’s best for her:

My life changed a lot during the quarantine. This is crazy. I am not someone who can live with or is constrained by authority, so these conditions are really challenging for me. To be honest, it taught me a lot about being patient and I had to surrender.

Fox added that new changes in his life are divorce, a new relationship and many new movies, despite the restrictions of Covid-19. The famous actor stated that they will decide who will keep the children after the divorce. Megan fox is among the allegations that her youngest son will step in for “Journey River Green”.

Machine Gun Kelly says Megan Fox is his first love

The rapper / actor featured on the Wednesday episode of SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” and talked about meeting the actress on the set of their upcoming movie “Midnight in the Switchgrass.”
The couple confirmed their relationship in July, and Kelly spoke to Stern with Fox about finding true love.
“I didn’t know what it was until I made eye contact with him,” Kelly said. “That’s when I was like ‘Whoa’.”

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