Meaning Revealed After Rainbow Kiss Goes Viral on TikTok

What is the new trending topic “rainbow kiss” on Tiktok? Tiktok users wonder about the meaning of rainbow kiss and we answer it.

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The patterns on TikTok range from the absolutely guiltless to the unimaginably profane, however the most recent pattern is on the more unequivocal side. This pattern, which includes something many refer to as a rainbow kiss, has stunned many individuals. For this situation, the TikTok pattern doesn’t include really playing out a rainbow kiss, yet rather just shooting yourself when you google the term. As adorable as the name would sound, it’s not close to as honest as that name could recommend.

What does a rainbow kiss mean?

Rainbow kisses are a particular kind of sex act that includes both semen and feminine blood, and the individuals who really do it commonly do so on the grounds that they share an obsession for natural liquids of some kind or another. As per a meeting with Dr. Wendasha Jenkins Hall, Ph.D. in Cosmopolitan, a rainbow kiss probably developed from period sex, which includes entrance or oral sex while the naturally female accomplice is on her period.

Playing out a rainbow kiss is simply a blend of two or three different sex acts. It includes the two accomplices at the same time performing oral sex on one another while the individual with an uterus is on their period. When the two accomplices have discharged into one another’s mouths, the individuals from the couple kiss, blending the feminine blood in with the semen and making what clients depict as a rainbow.

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Why This Procedure Is Used And Why Anyone Would Engage In Such A Risky Act?

Danyell Fima, Co-organizer behind Velvet Co. makes sense of, “A rainbow kiss is an incredible way for everybody to partake in the couple of moments of soothing delight just after you both climax. Think about that is the objective”.

The trading of body liquids has dangers, regardless of the way that certain individuals find this act agreeable.

Various diseases can be conveyed by period blood and semen. Difficult circumstances including HIV, Syphilis, and hepatitis could possibly be among them.

Subsequently, assuming that you wish to participate in the demonstration, specialists encourage that the most effective way to do so is with a sidekick you can trust and who is ready to make all essential security strides.

Testing for STIs of any kind can additionally eliminate the gamble factor.

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