McLaren Saber Model: You’ll Be Amazed by the New Design

British supercar manufacturer McLaren Saber introduced its new model hours after the visuals.

McLaren introduced the long-awaited Saber model, whose visuals were leaked yesterday.

2021 mclaren sabre side gmspors

Saber, which is expected to come with a hybrid engine option, came with a 4-liter biturbo V8 engine.

The vehicle produces 824 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque with this engine.

The vehicle, which can reach a speed of 350 kilometers, has become McLaren’s fastest 2-seater model to date.

McLaren will produce only 15 of the Saber model.

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McLaren Saber leaked to the press

The first images of McLaren’s model, which will be called “Saber“, appear. The allegations that the Woking-based brand was working on the production version of the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo concept emerged a few years ago. McLaren Saber leaked to the press!

McLaren Saber leaked to the press! This special model, code named “BC-03”, will be called “Saber” by 2020. The patent drawings of the model, which was previously caught in camouflage, appeared soon after. But these new photos from the cochespias Instagram page excited the brand lovers. The first of the two leaked photos is the angle showing the finishing touches of McLaren engineers on the vehicle. The other photo was shared digitally. Saber is very similar to the Senna GTR models with the concept model produced for Gran Turismo Sport. While there is a small headlight group in the front, the huge wing in the back does not go unnoticed.

2021 mclaren sabre on track gmspors


Like the Senna GTR, the Saber won’t just be a track car. Which engine can the model that is expected to be produced in limited numbers come with? According to rumors, the vehicle will come with a combination of a 4.0-liter biturbo V8 and an electric motor. The model will have a power of 1,160 hp and torque of 1,280 Nm with this pair. The model will not go into production before 2025.

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