Maya Dhurval is a Strong Contestant for Miss Bumbum 2022

Maya Dhurval’s physique, one of this year’s Miss BumBum Contestants, is interpreted as the strongest champion. Although it is not clear who will win the contest with the most beautiful hips in the Latin world, Model Maya is one of the strongest names.

Maya Dhurval picks Miss Butt despite criticism

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Dancer and influencer Maya Dhurval is aiming for the Miss Bumbum 2022 title where attention is her “butt.” However, he began to deny the enormity of her features.

With a 105-centimeter “talent” to compete with other Brazilian beauties, she admits that at some point in her life she considered reducing the size of her sinister charm.

The model, who has 200,000 followers on Instagram, said, “I don’t like big butts. I even thought about making it smaller because it’s always been big since I was little and it bothered me.”

Now, with Maya focused on winning the title, she can boast that genetics played a big part in her entry into the competition. “Everything comes from family, my mother has a pear body,” she admitted.

About the secret to taking care of her body, Dhurval said: “Three times a week for an hour of dance and gymnastics, boxing and swimming, I do a little bit of everything.”

Brazilian model admits that her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend

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Brazilian model Maya Dhurval admitted that she had a bad day after her ex cheated on her with her best friend. Expressing that she had self-confidence problems after the betrayal of her lover and close friend, Dhurval said that she had breast aesthetics and that she felt happier.

Brazilian model and dancer Maya Dhurval says she had to struggle with self-confidence after being cheated on by her ex. The 33-year-old model, who lives in London, admitted that she lost two babies during their relationship and that her boyfriend cheated on her multiple times with her close friend.

Dhurval, who was left alone with a severe depression after the separation, said that when he started to love herself, he suddenly felt happier than before. The Brazilian model expressed that she wanted her story to be inspiring for women who have experienced similar situations.

I thought the problem was me

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Stating that she felt bad after her cheating and found the fault in herself, Dhurval said, “I thought it was my fault because of the betrayal, I felt ugly and thought I was not wanted. Deciding to do something for myself, she had plastic surgery. I forgot what happened thanks to breast aesthetics. Silicones allowed me to discover my self-love and self-confidence. Discover yourself by finding a way that is good for you.”

Candidate to be the most beautiful hip woman in the world

We are talking about a candidate to be the most beautiful hip woman in the world. She is known as both a model and a dancer. She likes to be known as a very sexy person in her country and in America.

Maya Dhurval wants to be the most beautiful hip woman in the world so much that she says it to every lover. She does not hesitate to ask for a huge support from her fans, even from Instagram. She tries to prove herself by throwing very special poses to her followers. I think she deserves to be nominated as the strongest candidate for Miss BUMBUM.

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