Max Kruse reacts to accusations of cheating by ex-girlfriend Vanessa Mariposa

Is hotel sexy in Dubai? Max Kruse came to the fore when Vanessa Mariposa reacted to accusations of cheating. It was learned that the German football player had a new love and made marriage plans.

Max Kruse’s proposal went around the world when model Vanessa Mariposa claimed he was having an affair with her. Now the Olympic participant reacts.

Max kruse reacts to accusations of cheating by ex girlfriend vanessa mariposa 3 gmspors

Tokyo. It was the sports marriage proposal of the year. Football professional Max Kruse asked his girlfriend Dilara if she would like to be his wife, live from the First and the Olympic Games in Tokyo. She said yes.

However, the 33-year-old had to deal with allegations of infidelity shortly after his proposal.

Vanessa Mariposa, fitness model from Austria and already on TV formats “Are You The One?” and “Ex On The Beach” claims that he and the Union Berlin actor were said to have been intimate at a hotel in Dubai in January.

Vanessa Mariposa: Hotel sex with Max Kruse?

Max kruse reacts to accusations of cheating by ex girlfriend vanessa mariposa 2 gmspors

“We dated each other. He said he was single. Otherwise I would have never been with him. We spent a few nights together in Dubai, had sex,” she explains via “Bild”.

As a reminder: Kruse said on TV that she and Dilara had been together for “a few months”, “actually almost a year”.

This means that the alleged affair at the “Five Palm Jumeirah” hotel must have occurred during her affair with her fiancé.

Max kruse reacts to accusations of cheating by ex girlfriend vanessa mariposa 1 gmspors

Max Kruse reacts to Vanessa Mariposa’s allegations

Max kruse reacts to accusations of cheating by ex girlfriend vanessa mariposa 1 gmspors

On Thursday night, July 29, Kruse gave a relatively casual reaction to Vanessa Mariposa’s allegations with a longer statement from her Instagram account.

After being kicked out of the Olympic tournament with the German national football team against Ivory Coast, he wrote, “Unfortunately, after being eliminated from the Olympic Games, I have to comment directly on a private matter”.

“How could it not be: Apart from wishing my fiancee and me good luck and rejoicing with us… Our relationship is totally solid, we are honest with each other and above all we are happy !!! That’s why we’re not interested in women trying to get attention at our expense.”

The counterattack on Vanessa Mariposa, who has just over 419,000 followers on Instagram, has already taken place!

“The truth is that I did not betray Dilara. This is as an important clarification for the claim or question. Thank you so much for all your congratulations and we just look forward to our future together! Because we have love and trust.”

The post is embellished with a rose and a heart and a line from Bruno Mars’ song “Marry You” (“Marry you”).

However, he does not reveal whether Max Kruse is having an affair with Vanessa Mariposa. In the end, every couple can manage their relationship the way they want – the point is that they are what Max Kruse wrote in his Instagram post: happy.

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