Mavrin Daughters Cristy Ren and Mary Nabokova Pose Side by Side

Cristy Ren and Mary Nabokova, one of Mavrin’s prominent models, posed side by side.

Cristy Ren and Mary Nabokova are among the most notable models signed with Mavrin. The two models, who came to the fore with their physique as well as their beauty, appeared before their followers again after a long break.

Mavrin daughters cristy ren and mary nabokova pose side by side 1 gmspors

The most notable feature of Cristy Ren and Mary Nabokova was the opportunity to work with the biggest modeling agency of their careers. The agreement they made with Mavrin also allowed them to reach a large fan base. Cristy and Mary quickly gained thousands of fans and managed to increase their net worth as well.

They travel the world at İki Models, shooting and modeling professionally.

In addition to their travels in Russia, Turkey, Dubai and many other countries, they also take their business.

Cristy Ren and Mary Nabokova Reach Hundreds of Thousands of Instagram Fans

Cristy Ren and Mary Nabokova started their Instagram posts in 2021. Although the two models were not recognized at first, their work with a major modeling agency like Mavrin made them more popular.

In a short time, the two models reached hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram and became a well-known model.

Mary Nabokova was able to gain an especially fast following, reaching hundreds of thousands of followers who admire her.

Mary Nabokova has more than 365 thousand followers on Instagram and continues to increase rapidly.

Mavrin daughters cristy ren and mary nabokova pose side by side 2 gmspors

Cristy Ren has more than 425,000 fans on Instagram.

She knows him by the username @cristyren on Instagram and states that she is a blogger.

Model cristy ren highlights her beauty with her white outfit 2 gmspors

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