Mauro Icardi cheated on Wanda Nara with their friend China Suarez

The news that Mauro Icardi cheated on Wanda Nara with their friend China Suarez became the agenda on social media. It is said that there is a betrayal in the background of the incident.

A family has been destroyed! Wanda Nara left Icardi with derogatory remarks and bad words about him became a hot topic.

The marriage of Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara, one of the most famous couples in world football, ends in an eventful way. Wanda Nara’s unfollowing the star football player on Instagram and sharing “You destroyed your family for him” fell like a bomb on the agenda.

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PSG’s star football player Icardi and Wanda Nara couple, who are on the agenda, are on the verge of breaking up. Nara’s post after unfollowing the Argentinean football player from Instagram made a big impact.

Wanda Nara wrote in her post, “You destroyed your family for one thing.” Nara was previously married to Icardi’s teammate Maxi Lopez. Nara, who left Lopez for the star football player, is expected to end her marriage to Icardi soon.

It was claimed that it was Argentine actress China Suarez who brought the couple’s relationship to the point of end. It was stated that Icardi had a secret love with Suarez for a long time and Wanda Nara left the Argentine star football player when there was no news about this relationship.

Mauro Icardi Wanda Nara break up

Wanda Nara, who is both the husband and manager of Mauro Icardi, told his close friend Chismes de Ker that he left Icardi, who currently plays for PSG, and that a third person was involved in the incident.

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Argentine actress and model China Suarez also knew Wanda Nara. China Suarez also has two children. The fact that Wanda Nara suffered the same fate and was deceived years later made an impact on social media.

Wanda Nara, who was married to Argentine football player Maxi Lopez between 2008 and 2013, had three children from this marriage.

Wanda Nara, who was revealed to have cheated on Maxi Lopez with her teammate Icardi from Sampdoria in 2013, then divorced Maxi Lopez and married Mauro Icardi in 2014.

Wanda Nara, who also has two children from her marriage to Mauro Icardi, is the mother of five children in total.

Why did Wanda Nara leave Icardi?

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Wanda Nara deleted all her photos with her husband Mauro Icardi last night and shared, “You left your family for a slut”. It is said that the person that Icardi cheated on his wife is the Argentine model Eugenia Suarez. Mauro Icardi allegedly started a new love affair with the model born in 1992.

Mauro Icardi’s wife, Wanda Nara, shook the agenda with her bombshell post on Instagram. Wanda Nara, who claimed Icardi was unfaithful to her, downvoted “You left your family for a slut”.

The couple of Icardi and Wanda Nara, who stopped following each other on social media, inflamed the news that they broke up. Icardi’s wife removed all photos of them together.

Model China Suarez The Person Behind the Events

According to the news in Goal and the Italian press; It is stated that the woman Icardi cheated on with Wanda Nara is Maria Eugenia Suarez, known as ‘La China’. Born in 1992, Maria stands out as a well-known and admired model in Argentina.

It is said that a love affair started between Maria Eugenia, who is also a singer, and Mauro Icardi.

While it was pointed out that Mauro Icardi and Maria Eugenia knew each other before the news of the deception came out, it is alleged that Wanda Nara told a well-known journalist in Argentina that she broke up with Icardi.

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