Marta Barczok has revealed she has her eyes on England star Harry Kane

Marta Barczok has revealed she’s got her eye on British star Harry Kane – meet Poland’s hottest fan nicknamed the ‘Miss World Cup’ who has a keen eye on the British star.

With the World Cup in full swing, it’s not just football and its fans that are making the headlines with all the football nations in one place.

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Poland’s most sweltering fan, who has been named ‘Miss World Cup’ has opened up over what Britain player is in her sights.

Nonetheless, model and football enthusiast Marta Barczok has proactively reported she has reprimanded the current year’s competition in Qatar, which has drawn a lot of debate. The force to be reckoned with has proactively assembled a remarkable trailing not very far behind going to Euro 2016, 2020 and World Cup 2018.

Marta barczok has revealed she has her eyes on england star harry kane

Yet, she has ruled against going to the Center East because of Qatar’s stunning common liberties record and debasement fears. That is in spite of Poland having a fair potential for success of meeting all requirements for the knockout stages.

Doing so would see them arrive at that stage interestingly beginning around 1986 – however Mexico and Argentina could have a comment about that. Addressing The Sun, Marta opened up over the World Cup as well as standing up on which Britain player has gotten her attention.

She said: “I figure Britain will be in the main four, you have a truly extraordinary crew and obviously Harry Kane, who as I would see it is one of the most outstanding striker on the planet plays.

“I watch him live during Tottenham games, I support Spikes and I’m on the majority of the home games.”

Poland are unbeaten after two games at the World Cup – beating Saudi Arabia on Saturday 2-0 where Robert Lewandowski and Piotr Zielinski got on the scoresheet. Also ‘Miss World Cup’ turned Spiritualist Marta in the wake of naming the two players as risk men before the match.

“You ought to pay special attention to Lewandowski and Zielinki without a doubt,” she added, talking in front of Poland’s success. In any case, she has cared very little about making the excursion to Qatar.

Marta said: “I chose not to go to Qatar where basic freedoms are not regarded, individuals with football share as much practically speaking as I do with the spaceship, the only thing that is in any way important is cash and just cash.

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“Debasement encompasses us all over, in the monetary, sports or managerial enterprises, yet I never knew that it very well may be finished on such a scale. I regard every one of the people who went notwithstanding everything, and I will uphold our group with them.

“I delayed for as long as possible since football feelings frequently prevail upon reason, however this time, aside from these feelings, there isn’t anything else why I would go there.

“Everybody has the option to opportunity, the rainbow image is an indication of opportunity, resilience and solidarity, any disallowances, for example, rainbow banners being restricted are slight for basic liberties, local area, opportunity, and trust.”

Marta Barczok has 567,000 adherents on Instagram

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