Married teacher, who sexually abused her 14-year-old student, could not escape prison sentence

Female teacher sexually abused her male student in Wales

In Wales, one of the four countries of the UK, a physical education teacher was sentenced to three years in prison for sexually abusing her male student at school.

Katie Smith, a 28-year-old married physical education teacher living in Wales, sexually abused her 14-year-old boy by taking him to the material warehouse of his school after sending nude photographs and sexually explicit messages.

The teacher was sentenced to three years in prison. The female teacher burst into tears while the judge read the verdict. The teacher will spend two and a half years of her sentence in prison. The behavior of the perverse female teacher has become the agenda throughout the country. It was reported that the parents should take care of more children.


The teacher, who had a relationship with his student twice, once in the school and once in the park, ended his relationship when he heard that he sent the photographs he sent to his student to his friends. The student told his mother that he was having an affair with his teacher. His mother then reported the situation to the police.

the teacher is a problematic person

Admitting that she had a relationship with her student at the court, the teacher said that she had difficulties in her marriage, did not like her appearance, needed others to compliment her and that she had a relationship with her student to attract attention.


Judge Kara Shead, who sentenced the teacher to three years in prison, said the teacher had mental problems, but had to make a prison order to deliver the harsh message to adults who abused children. The court also decided to give psychological treatment to the teacher.

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