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Markieff Morris did not throw the last ball to LeBron, the Lakers lost a possible win and a championship

LeBron James went crazy in the Los Angeles Lakers – Miami Heat match! The new J.R. Smith case

LeBron James, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers, experienced one of the biggest disappointments of his career against the Miami Heat in just 9 seconds. In the last ball, Markieff Morris chose to shoot instead of passing himself, which made the Lakers a possible win and a championship.

Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James experienced one of the biggest disappointments of his career against the Miami Heat in just 9 seconds. Here’s what happened …
The excitement of the final series between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat in the NBA of the American Basketball League continues.

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In the American Basketball League NBA, the excitement of the final series between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat moved to the 6th game. Game 5 of the series, played at the AdventHealth Arena, was the scene of a crushing competition, especially in the last quarter, which was the scene of a great battle, Miami Heat won 111-108, bringing the series to 3-2.

The side that left the field with a victory in the 5th match of the series played at AdventHealth Arena was the Miami Heat with a score of 111-108. Under the leadership of Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat won 5 games of the series where it was 3-1 behind, leading the series to the 6th game and maintaining its title.


Jimmy Butler was the lead actor of the performance that brought the victory to the Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat. Duncan Robinson followed with 35 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists, followed by Butler with 26 points.
The extraordinary effort of LeBron James, who chased the Los Angeles Lakers championship ring, was not enough to win.

Completing the match with 40 points, 13 rebounds and 7 acids, James was accompanied by Anthony Davis with 28 points, 12 rebounds and 3 assists.

Outperforming his opponent by 28-26 in the third quarter, Erik Spoelstra and his students entered the last quarter with an advantage of 88-82.

LeBron made quick efforts at the last minute:

The Los Angeles Lakers, who gears up for the championship in the last quarter with the leadership of LeBron, were not enough by 26-23.

The Lakers, who had an important attack opportunity for the championship in the last episode, could not use the ball well, and the series moved to the 6th game. Los Angeles Lakers, who made it to the final after 10 years, were very close to finishing the job and reaching the championship in the 5th match.

In the Los Angeles Lakers, which was behind by an odd difference of 9.2 seconds to the end in the last quarter, Danny Green was unable to hit the shot from behind the 3-point line in a very favorable position. Instead of giving e, he tried an action that no one could understand.

The Lakers, who returned empty-handed in that attack that went straight out, gave the match right after the position.
Rookie Tyler Herro, who used two free throws in the last Miami attack, set the score and moved the fight to Game 6.

LeBron James had the same thing two years ago

LeBron James, who experienced a similar situation in the 2017-18 finals, was very close to victory in the game he was a guest of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors at that time.

George Hill, who came to the free throw line with 4.7 seconds to finish, equalized the score with his first throw and could not score in his second throw. JR Smith brought another giant chance to the Cleveland Cavaliers by taking the rebound, but JR Smith, who forgot that the score was 107-107 and assumed his team to lead, instead of scoring in a suitable position, rushed back to the half-court with the ball and missed the historic opportunity.

LeBron James’ reaction to his teammate’s unforgettable game went viral.

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