Mario Balotelli is preparing to marry Alessia Messina with whom she has been in love for 1 month

Balotelli has been in love for 1 month, Alessia Messina will propose marriage soon

Italian football player Mario Balotelli, who came to the agenda with his actions outside football and his undisciplined actions, was written by the Italian press that he was engaged to the model and Instagram phenomenon Alessia Messina with whom he had a relationship for 1 month and was preparing for marriage.

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When the Brescia team, which he played in Italy Seria A, was relegated, the Italian football player Mario Balotelli, who was released, was talking about his transfer to the Genoa team.

While everyone was wondering which team Balotelli will play in, Balotelli, the model and Instagram phenomenon Alessia Messina, who became famous with the Big Brother program she participated in, came to the agenda with the claim that she was engaged and preparing for marriage after 1 month of love.


The allegation that the striker football player, who has been allegedly engaged for a month, was engaged in love. An Italian newspaper shared a photo of the couple taken at a venue.

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Balotelli met the mother and father of the beautiful model

According to the news in the Italian press, Balotelli also met the parents of the allegedly engaged model.

Recently, Balotelli responded to the love rumors with the 31-year-old Brezilay model Dayane Mello by saying that she had not seen the model for a long time.

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Among the Instagram models, Alessia Messina has managed to become one of the most remarkable women in social media. Alessia Messina managed to come to the fore with her relationships with many popular men.

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In addition to the bikini photos she shared on Instagram, Alessia Messina continues to do nude modeling. Alessia Messina managed to increase the popularity of her name during her time as a nude model.

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