Maria Tani, the very beautiful body line of slim tops echoes “sexy” “so sexy”

Model and talent Maria Tani will update her Instagram until the 17th. Slim tops with beautiful body lines are on the market.

Maria Tani (谷まりあ, July 28, 1995-) is a female talent, model, and YouTuber from Tokyo. It is owned by Platinum Productions. She graduated from Waseda University School of Commerce. The number of subscribers and total views are as of May 30, 2022.

Tani said, “The bangs that will be cut even if you stretch them out. Necessary for the dessert element, but what about that? A special order!” she wrote and uploaded a photo of her new hair with bangs cut.

“I have bangs that can be arranged in various ways. They take beautiful pictures every time. Thanks for your hard work today!” The light beige tops made of lightweight fabric have a sexy body line that stands out.

This post has comments like “Super cute“, “Great combing action”, “So sexy”, “I really like my current hairstyle”, “This is so cute” and “Sexy”. “received.

I am the only ronin among my female friends… Exam of Model Maria Tani

Maria tani the very beautiful body line of slim tops echoes sexy so sexy 1 gmspors

When I was in my sophomore year of high school, I longed for Waseda University, the “top level of private universities”. I’m the type who sets high goals. I thought I would do the best I could.

However, it failed while Waseda was active. I was shocked that I couldn’t do the performing arts activities that I started in middle school. After discussing it with my mother, I thought there were many ways to go to a four-year college. There was a private university last year, but I thought I would regret it if it wasn’t for Waseda, and I wanted to be a model for my older sister and brother by showing me off. I was the only ronin among my good friends.

Maria tani the very beautiful body line of slim tops echoes sexy so sexy 2 gmspors

During Ronin, I was studying in a classroom from 9 am to 7 pm. If you think about it now, it’s a wonderful life, isn’t it? I almost lost sight of myself all summer. My friends who are active in the entertainment world shine but I don’t belong to any office or school and I am nothing.

If you want to stop reading, you can. But it can’t be that sweet if you give up something and it works in the entertainment world. When I thought that taking the exam was one of my life’s ways, I didn’t want to give up here.

After that, I freshened up every Sunday by playing with my friends. When I was a Ronin, I could be most picky about makeup and clothes. Even though my teacher said “This is the classroom”, I loved fashion and did not want to pamper myself. I don’t compare with people and that’s my style.

A friend who just shared a photo on Instagram   thought, “Tani can’t pass anymore”. It was frustrating, and during Ronin, especially in the national language, I went back to the basics and started over. I didn’t like it at first but when I run into a crash I need to come back to a simple problem.

Maria tani the very beautiful body line of slim tops echoes sexy so sexy 3 gmspors

Then, I often faced my notes and looked at what I was working on. I already have this habit, and now even at work, I immediately try to look at how the photos reflect and how I present myself.

When taking an exam, I tend to set goals in college. I was the same. But don’t compare it to others because it has to be for you. University is one of the transition points of life and one of the tools that will make your life positive. I think it’s time to think about what you want to do with your life.

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