María Luisa Cordero shoots Fernando Atria

María Luisa Cordero shoots Fernando Atria: “He’s a terrible, dark deconstructivist.”During her meeting with psychiatrist Iván Poduje, she gave harsh criticism about the founding congress candidate.

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12th district founding congress candidate María Luisa Cordero has harshly criticized the 10th district candidate lawyer Fernando Atria, who instantly went viral through social networks.

It all started with a live show Cordero’s shared with architect Iván Poduje, who is part of the campaign for re-election for mayor of Providencia and presidential candidate for UDI Evelyn Matthei.

At the meeting, Poduje also reflected how the elections will be this weekend, when citizens will elect 155 voters who will write the new Basic Regulation. At that time, Poduje brought Atria to the Confirm List.

“I hope we don’t have these gentlemen like Atria that scares me, I don’t like Atria, sometimes I see what I say this guy is talking about, he lives in a parallel reality,” said Iván Poduje.

María Luisa Cordero did not want to fall behind in criticism and assured that Fernando Atria “was a horrible, dark deconstructor rather than reading the catechism as a child where she read Foucault.”

Although the live broadcast was held on May 9, her words later echoed and during this day María Luisa Cordero has become a trend in social networks.

María Luisa Cordero dispara contra Fernando Atria: “Es un deconstructivista horroroso, oscuro”

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