Marcao on the transfer list of Roma, one of the Italian Football Teams, made a statement

Transfer statement from Marcao after Başakşehir match in Galatasaray!

Galatasaray’s Brazilian stopper Marcao spoke after the match they defeated Başakşehir 2-0.
In Galatasaray, who defeated Başakşehir 2-0 in the Super League, Marcao talked about the transfer news at the end of the match.

Brazilian player evaluating the struggle, “I congratulate my friends for a nice win. There was a team running for each other from the first minute to the last minute. Good wins are coming, but we are at the beginning of the road.” said.

“It is said that there is an offer from Rome. Will you go or stay?” Marcao said, “It would not be right for me to say anything about this issue. It would be more correct for clubs and managers to talk. replied in the form.

Galatasaray rejects the offers from Rome for Marcao! Galatasaray is determined not to sell its Brazilian stopper Marcao to Rome. One by one, Aslan rejected the offers from the Italian team.

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Phones between Galatasaray and Roma are not interrupted. As we mentioned in our special news last Wednesday; Cimbom rejected the 16 million Euro offer from Rome, and did not lean towards the new offer of the Italians.

Galatasaray Management, which vetoed the overlapping offers, brought the transfer negotiations to a halt when the number they wanted from Rome did not come. The Italians at the table could not reach the 18 million Euro expectation that the yellow-reds wanted; stands out as the biggest factor in this situation.

Galatasaray, who is not expected to accept any amount below the 18 million Euro offer sent to the Italians for Marcao, has a clear attitude towards this issue. Such that; All-in-rounds in Rome are the biggest indication of this.

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