Many popular figures attended model Cindy Bruna’s birthday party

While Mbappe and Verratti attended model Cindy Bruna’s birthday party, it was noted that Neymar was not included.

Famous model Cindy Bruna celebrated her 26th birthday at the party in Paris, while her close friends Marco Verratti and Kylian Mbappe, wearing PSG, also attended the fun. It was noteworthy that another close friend of the successful model, Neymar, did not participate in the party.

Cindy Bruna attended many popular names at her entertainment night. However, it was on the agenda that Brazilian football player Neymar did not participate. Organized by Cindy Bruna, many sexy models and hot women attended. Many people in the party shared different fun moments from their social media accounts.

Kylian Mbappe and Marco Verratti, wearing PSG jersey, attended the birthday of famous model Cindy Bruna. In the news covered in the British press, Bruna celebrated her 26th birthday at a luxury venue in Paris.

Neymar, Verratti and Mbappe all attended Cindy Bruna’s party in 2019.

While the famous model, whose birthday is normally September 27, postponed the celebration for a week due to the busy schedule of her fellow football players, it was noteworthy that she was very close with Mbappe and Verratti at the party. The party organized by Cindy Bruna took place in popular models in the party popular on social media. Hot models managed to attract attention in the party with their beauty.

Cindy Bruna did not attend her party – NEYMAR THIS TIME

The friendship between Cindy Bruna and the players began through Marco Verratti’s lover Jessca Aidi. Mbappe, Verratti and Cindy Bruna, who were on vacation together in Saint Tropez this summer, also had a party at the famous resort area and another PSG player Neymar also attended the party, but the Brazilian footballer did not participate in the party this weekend.

Neymar, Verratti and Mbappe all attended Cindy Bruna’s party in 2019.

It was stated that the reason Neymar did not attend the party was because of their close friendship, Cindy Bruna and her name were involved in love rumors a few months ago.

Images from model Cindy Bruna’s birthday party:

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