Many Men Secretly Revealed Who Want To Apply For Dinar Candy

It has been reported that Disc Jockey (DJ) Dinar Candy and Ridho Divine’s relationship fell in the middle of the road and the two got married.

Dinar Candy’s father, Acep Ginayah, once referred to Ridho as an irresponsible and unmanly man. In fact, Ridho met his extended family while dating Dinar. Acep, who learned from his experiences, admitted that he would be more careful in choosing a husband for his daughter, whom he loved very much.

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But unfortunately, there is no man who is definitely accepted as the life partner of Dinar Candy.

“The thing is, she’s not being rejected in any way. But because she (Dinar Candy) still has a lot of work to do,” Dinar Candy’s father said, beginning on one of her talk show shows on Thursday, October 28, 2022.

Although several men had already arrived, Dinar Candy admitted that she knew nothing about the offer sent to her. The men immediately went to Acep to ask for Dinar Candy. Even though they don’t know each other.

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Dinar Candy said, “So a man comes to you, I don’t think you know. She’s like a vegetable businessman.” Acep confirmed this, too, and was surprised that an unknown man dared to meet her son to show her goodwill.

Acep said, “Come home, there are people from Bandung, Surabaya.” According to many of the men who came to Acep, the decision is in the hands of Dinar Şeker.

To remember Dinar, who will one day live his life with the man. Therefore, Acep cannot vote and participate in decisions. Acep said, “Anyway, my father is almost happy. Choose this, not the father who wants to marry. The father who wants to marry your son.” By the way, Dinar Candy has never brought or introduced a male figure to her family since she broke up with Ridho Divine.

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